1-0 to the last four of the Copa del Rey!16 goals, Bilbao revenge real Madrid, 25-25

2022-06-24 0 By

Rapid advances in all of the new season the merengues real Madrid, now also encountered injury, performance of the new season benzema, injury, let the team’s offensive firepower appeared certain decline, but the team winter window period ushered in a precious recuperation time, in the last round of league and elche after the end of the game,The merengues after nearly half a month in the king’s cup quarter-final and athletic bilbao, this is the fourth direct dialogue, the two sides of the season before the two league games and a Spanish super cup final, is the Milky Way battleship had the last laugh, benzema unable to play, but a friendly for athletic bilbao to see the hope of revenge,Sure enough, they launched a flood of attacks from the start of the match, while Real were on the defensive for long periods of the game, and in the final moments of the game, Real’s defense gave their opponents a chance to play fire, berenguer scored the winner to give Athletic Bilbao 1-0 revenge.22 rounds before the Spanish home-country crowd, athletic bilbao won 7 to 10 5 record, in the ninth in the league, has lost the battle for the premier league title hopes, early cup title also became one of the few they rushed indicators, versus the lack of it in his own home the absolute core of the Milky Way battleship, for athletic bilbao,It was a perfect opportunity for revenge and the home side took the initiative after the referee’s whistle in the first half.10 minutes Garcia in the area, with real Madrid clearance near won a chance to direct foot, kept the ball directly finish threat, but Kurt tuva very focused, busy on the ball out of the bottom line, the first half athletic bilbao completely can be said to be in the siege of the Milky Way battleship, formed up to 10 times in total scoring opportunities,However, the striker did not feel good in front of the goal, coupled with the Real Madrid defence repeatedly blocked the shot successfully, the opponent only 1 shot on target, from the performance of the first half, Benzema’s lack of battle for galactico is very big, they only completed 2 shots.After the second half open, athletic bilbao still before continuing the fierce offensive, 47 minutes and Kurt tuva stand out, athletic bilbao formed a very threatening offensive opportunities, a close head in the box, by Kurt tuva brave again, real Madrid has been on the defensive in the 80th minute,Finally created a threatening attack, and miro in the penalty area obtained the direct shot, but shooting Angle is too is of the goalkeeper plugging, backcourt passes in the 89th minute real Madrid, as a substitute of belem, after the ball, a foot slipped past real Madrid defender finish straight hanging dead Angle, help athletic bilbao to beat the Milky Way battleship!Before the match, real Madrid and athletic bilbao there were in the king’s cup 57 times, of which the Milky Way battleship to 25 about 24 a slight advantage, keeping the home of the athletic bilbao didn’t miss the opportunity of a revenge, with its bombarded the match up to 16 feet, they achieve revenge for real Madrid,And the galacticos of the two games, also need to give themselves a wake-up call, if you can not find their best state in time, it is likely to bury their first half of the established advantage!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the blossom on sports