Market Supervision Bureau of Ziliujing District of Zigong City: Hold up “protective umbrella” and play a good role in “protecting seedling people” to continue to deepen the protection of minors

2022-06-23 0 By

Ziliujing District Market Supervision Bureau of Zigong City, combined with “Spring Thunder Action 2022″, takes the initiative to continuously deepen the protection of minors, and strives to create a better, safe and stable market environment for the healthy growth of minors in the area.”On campus plus off Campus” to enhance comprehensive services.We have carried out demonstrations of food safety around campus and graded risk assessment, and encouraged 58 school canteens to use the Internet plus bright kitchens and stoves to ensure the safety of school meals for minors.Pay attention to the supervision of off-campus training institutions in the district, inspect 29 relevant institutions, rectify one problem such as non-standard price tag and false publicity, and safeguard the vital interests of students and parents.”Focus on comprehensive” to purify the market environment.In key places around campus, Internet cafes, bars and catering outlets, the government has organized a comprehensive inspection of food, prices, supplies, toys and publicity related to minors, and strengthened the protection of minors with practical actions.At present, 161 business sites have been inspected, and 1 problem has been found and investigated.”Offline to online” to enhance consumer awareness.Field activities such as “safety knowledge publicity into the campus” were carried out to publicize food safety knowledge, elevator safety tips and emergency self-help knowledge to school students, and distributed more than 300 copies of publicity materials.We opened the 12315 consumer protection hotline for minors, and properly handled two complaints about food and drug safety, product quality, and advertising, to guide students and their parents to consume in a scientific and rational way.Source: Zigong Market Supervision Bureau Editor: Zhang Yi