Li Xiaopeng is on the edge of class!Gao Hongbo and Chen Wanting are among the three candidates for the new head coach of the National football Team

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At present, The Chinese men’s national football team has completed eight rounds of the world preliminary round 12 matches, with the last two rounds remaining, the Chinese men’s national football team is completely out of the group to qualify for the World Cup.However, it is a blessing in disguise that the early exit for China’s national football team will gain time to prepare for the next World Cup ahead of other teams.If the National football team in the process of preparation, continue to follow the old plan as a plan, in the case of FIFA to Asia more than 4 places, the National football team is afraid it is still difficult to qualify.Therefore, the national football team must change from inside to outside if it wants to progress.The first change must be the manager.At present, li Xiaopeng, head coach of National football Team, has only led the team to complete two games. In this case, he will not resign, and can only be said to be on the edge of resignation.Because in the two matches coached by Li Xiaopeng, The National football team didn’t show much change and conceded three goals to The Vietnamese men’s football team.In a word, Li Xiaopeng’s reputation in the hearts of domestic fans is not outstanding at the present stage. If the performance of leading the team remains unchanged in the future, his resignation will be the final result, and the time will not be long.If Li Xiaopeng successfully dismissed, who can take over the national football team in the future?There are indeed three candidates for the new head coach. They are Gao Hongbo, Chan Wanting and Fan Zhiyi.Start with Gao Hongbo, who coached the Chinese men’s soccer team before, but the partnership fell apart due to some results.But it is fair to say that Gao hongbo has really injected his own style into the Chinese team during his tenure, using small groups to break through opponents’ defense.If you think about it carefully, gao Hongbo’s team control philosophy should be very suitable for the current Chinese men’s football team, so Gao Hongbo is a good candidate.As for the second Chen Wanting, he was not elected as the coach of the Chinese women’s football team, but the football association regards Chen Wanting very much.At present, the Chinese women’s football team in some important matches in the Asian Cup, the Football Association will invite Chan Wanting to discuss tactics together.Through this point can be concluded, Chan Yuen Ting in the FOOTBALL association there has a position, but also shows that she has a strong coaching ability.Finally, there is Fan Zhiyi. His coaching ability is not proven, but Fan Zhiyi can definitely help the National football team to change its concentration in training and attitude in competition.When these areas are improved, the results will follow.Fellow fans, what do you think about this?Feel free to discuss it in the comments section!