Just now, Hangzhou started the first sound of spring thunder!It hails in Lin ‘an, the largest of which is more than 2cm

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Hangzhou + news Hangzhou temperature hit 30 degrees Celsius did not long, the day changed face.Hangzhou issued a yellow warning signal at 13:57.From this afternoon to evening, gongshu district, Xihu District, Shangcheng District, Qiantang District and Binjiang District will see a level 7-9 thunderstorm gale, accompanied by short-term rainstorm, lightning and hail.And with it, the first thunder of spring. Do you hear it?The observatory said strong convection began around noon today in Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, as temperatures have been noticeably higher in recent days and a large amount of unstable energy has gathered in the air.At present, the main forms of strong convective weather are strong wind and lightning, and the wind is at level 7-9, with insufficient water vapor content in the air and not much rainfall.At present, the strong wind area has arrived in Hangzhou. It is expected that from this afternoon to evening, gongshu District, Xihu District, Shangcheng District, Qiantang District and Binjiang District will have a level 7-9 thunderstorm gale, accompanied by short-term rainstorm, lightning and hail. Please pay attention to prevent secondary disasters caused by strong convective weather such as thunderstorm gale.On March 14, just after 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon, hailstones fell in Qingliang Peak National Nature Reserve of Zhejiang Province.”Five seconds after the hail fell, it turned into rain. It was the size of soybeans.”Thousand tilt pond protection station master Hu Huanjin said.Linan meteorological station, the hail is 14 o ‘clock this afternoon from the east of Linan up first, after, Linan city and the northwest island stone, cool peak and other places have also spread the news of the hail.The average diameter of hailstones is about 1cm, and the largest hailstones are over 2cm.Hangzhou Meteorological Station predicted that in the next seven days, the next wave of rain in Hangzhou will appear around March 17, there will be an obvious process of showers and thunderstorms, the rest of the time mainly cloudy.In mid-to-late March, however, cold Air, which had been offline for a long time, finally remembered its login password, and will make frequent appearances again, counting the number of appearances three times.The first one is expected to start from the central and northern parts of Zhejiang province in the night of 14.Northerly winds are the prelude, accompanied by rain, and the daily average temperature is expected to cool by 3-4 degrees Celsius.The second time was on the night of 17th, and the daily average temperature was expected to drop by 4-6℃, and there was an obvious precipitation process from the night of 16th to the 17th.The third one is expected to drop in temperature and precipitation around The 21st.Three times under pressure, temperature again arrogant arrogance also did not.Don’t worry about the cold, just let the current temperature return to normal for March.At the same time to remind you, with the return of cold air, China since the start of spring the largest scale of thunder and lightning attack, go out if suddenly heard a thunder, don’t be scared.From the historical situation, Hangzhou will enter the lightning season of the year from March, we should pay special attention to the forecast, early warning information, timely prevention.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com