When the bride rescued a new Fourth Army soldier and returned the favor 40 years later, she shouted: you are the vice president

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During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the revolutionary armed forces led by the Communist Party always surrounded the masses of the people to help them fight against the Japanese invaders.Those who win the hearts of the people win the world, and the vast masses of the toiling people will naturally try their best to help the Communist army.Once in a village of Anhui province, a newly married villager woman helped a soldier of the New Fourth Army, who was later known as zhang Zhen, the founding general.More than 40 years later, When Zhang Zhen returned the favor, the village woman, who had saved him, was already in her twilight years. When she saw Zhang’s arrival, she couldn’t help exsaying: So you are the vice chairman!Midnight visitors 1941 China earth, the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression is in full swing, the Kuomintang army in the frontal battlefield unable to launch a large-scale offensive, the armies of the two sides of China and Japan entered the confrontation stage.But behind enemy lines, the revolutionary armed forces led by the Communist Party of China continued their struggle against oppression, and party organizations around the country called on villagers to take up arms and join the revolution to defend the country.Guerrilla operations carried out by the New Fourth army and the Eighth Route Army behind enemy lines effectively hit the logistics supply lines of the Japanese army and reduced the pressure on the front battlefield.The Japanese senior leadership naturally hated the Communist Party and launched a large-scale mopping up operation, carrying out the three-light policy on the villages and towns with traces of revolutionary armed activities, so the struggle situation of our party is not optimistic.It was during this difficult period that a woman in Shengpolzi village, Suzhou city, Anhui Province, became deeply connected with the New Fourth Army.One day in November 1941, 23-year-old Kong Xiuying just got married. She was helping her husband in the field during the day. At night, she closed the door early and prepared to go to bed.You know, these are The Times of war, and knocking at the door in the middle of the night is not a good sign.Kong Xiuying dressed, went to the yard to open the door, but found standing outside more than 10 heavily armed soldiers, an ordinary peasant people where have seen this kind of battle?Kong was petrified and even wanted to shout for her husband to come and check on the situation.Fortunately, the village cadres who came with kong xiuying reassured her a little. According to him, they were all soldiers of the New Fourth Army who were fighting against the Devils. They wanted to stay at Kong Xiuying’s house tonight while passing through shengpolzi village.Then a young soldier who looked a little tall and thin also quickly apologized to Kong xiuying: “Sister-in-law really sorry to bother you so late.”The new Fourth Army soldier who spoke was zhang Zhen, who was serving as chief of staff of the fourth Division of the New Fourth Army.Hearing that it was the people’s army, Kong Xiuying immediately gave up his guard and invited them into his yard.When the enemy attacked, Zhang Zhen felt a little embarrassed to disturb them at midnight, so he asked the other soldiers to make a bed on the ground in the courtyard for the night. This made Kong Xiuying feel sorry for herself, so she quickly packed up the two wing rooms and found some dry straw to cover them.Not only that, the next morning, just after dawn, Kong Xiuying got up early to prepare some delicious breakfast for the soldiers. The soldiers were still not awake because they had a safe place to sleep after days of fatigue. In order not to disturb them, Kong Xiuying quietly went outside the hospital to hold firewood for cooking.But at this time, Kong Xiuying found a large number of Japanese troops are coming from the east of the village, Kong Xiuying in the mind urgent cry is not good, immediately returned to the wing woke up Zhang Zhen, conveyed to him the enemy’s coming news.Zhang Zhen did not panic, quickly organized the soldiers together, and then divided into two teams, one team to break out of the siege, the other team to cover.Task deployment is not finished, the village around the sound of fierce gunfire, the original is the external guerrillas have found the Group of Japanese, and began to exchange fire, but the Japanese cunning did not therefore give up the attention of the village, suddenly there is a Japanese team toward Kong Xiuying home.The situation was very critical. Chang Zhen was surrounded by only a dozen men and had few weapons and ammunition. If he were trapped here, the consequences would be unimaginable.At this time, Kong Xiuying was more like an ant on a hot pot, and was in a hurry. Suddenly she was in a flash of wisdom, thinking that there was a dry ditch leading to the north of the village in the west wing of her house, so she immediately called zhang Zhen and others, and led them out of this path successfully.The Japanese troops who were in charge of the pursuit were not familiar with the road conditions in the village, so they were far behind and temporarily out of danger. Chang Zhen was afraid that if it were not for Kong xiuying’s help, he would have been killed here.Very excited, he shook Kong’s hand and said, “Sister-in-law, you have helped us a lot today, but now time is pressing. I will come back later to thank you.”Vice Chairman of the gratitude and Kong Xiuying farewell, Zhang Zhen successfully made contact with the nearby guerrillas, but behind the Japanese pursuit is still tightly bite, in order to cover Zhang Zhen’s retreat, the guerrillas decided to play a battle of resistance.After a fierce exchange of fire, our army casualties more than 30 people, the success of the new Fourth Army retreat to win time, at the same time, Zhang Zhen side of the situation is also very dangerous, there are enemy guards everywhere, three days of escape time only sleep four hours.After more than 40 years, the smoke of gunpowder on the battlefield has dispersed, zhang Zhen, the vice chairman of the Military Commission, decided to return to the place where he had fought to have a look, to the local martyrs Memorial Hall to pay homage to the dead soldiers, and to visit the old benezer who saved his life.When Zhang Zhen’s car arrived at Shengpolzi village, people flocked to see who it was. He greeted the villagers warmly. Everything here was the same as before, but you could see the rich smiles on people’s faces.Chang according to their own memory came to xiu-ying kong home, saw his rescuer, two people have grey hair, the years trace climbed up their faces, chang holding xiu-ying kong the old lady’s hand tightly, and said to her: “sister-in-law, I come to see you, if it weren’t for you, there would be no me chang.”Kong xiuying, with a look of surprise on her face, replied, “So you are the vice president who is going to visit our village.”Both Chang and Kong were overjoyed to see each other again after 40 years of separation.Summary: The revolutionary team led by the Communist Party of China cannot do without the selfless dedication of people like Kong Xiuying. The story between Zhang Zhen and Kong Xiuying has become a model of the romantic relationship between the military and the people.