Du Feng shows high EQ!Congratulations to the Chinese women’s football team and cheer for the Chinese men’s basketball team

2022-06-21 0 By

Recently, China women’s National Football Team overcame all kinds of difficulties in the Asian Cup, fought tenaciously in the face of strong players and united as one. Under the guidance of Shui Qingxia, China women’s National Football Team played its best competitive state and showed good spirit, which enabled it to stand on the podium again for the first time in 16 years.Du Feng, the head coach of The Chinese men’s basketball Team, also expressed his congratulations in his post at the first time. Compared with other head coaches, it was the first time that the head coach of a national team expressed his personal views on the victory of the Chinese women’s football team.We can see from du Feng’s reaction that his attention to other national teams and his spiritual desire to take Chinese men’s basketball to a new level and to a higher stage is very strong.Judging from du Feng’s article, he not only congratulated The Chinese women’s football team, but also emphasized their spirit, that is to say, it was through their own unremitting efforts and high morale that the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup for the ninth time after 16 years.To know, Chinese men’s basketball team and Chinese women’s football team, have had a brilliant history, Asian Cup champion, China’s men’s basketball team has easily touched again and again.Du feng also stressed that in the festive atmosphere of the Winter Olympics and The Chinese New Year, the girls of the women’s football team made us feel that they supported themselves with the strong spirit of the women’s football team through the wonderful match and the victories against the Japanese team and the Korean team.This also shows from one side, du Feng knows that behind the victory of Chinese women’s football team, in addition to the technical level, there are also too many spiritual things.Du Feng stressed that the future Chinese men’s basketball team also needs to have such a strong spirit to support, because this is an indispensable part of any team to achieve good results.Therefore, in the article directed by Du Feng, it was mentioned that we should work together in the future, and we should work together to refuel.Du Feng also stressed that the Chinese women’s football team and the Chinese men’s basketball team should advance together.Some fans may think that there is a gap between the performance of The Chinese men’s basketball team and that of the Chinese women’s football team in terms of spirit, but it is precisely because of this gap that Du Feng, the coach, especially emphasizes learning from the women’s football team.At the same time, we should transfer this spirit to the Chinese men’s basketball team.In fact, the performance of The Chinese men’s basketball team in the Asian Cup some time ago shows that they have made great progress in spirit, which is also the guidance of Du Feng and brought to this team.However, through the performance of the women’s football team, I believe du Feng must have seen that the boys did not do well enough, and he encouraged his players in this way to strive for better performance in the future.But as a manager, with particular emphasis on team spirit, also proved to his own special emphasis on the location, very hope to be able to like ShuiQingXia guidance, besides himself was once a member of the national team, also want to in the process of their lead, help the team found that a team we should have patriotism, and cohesion, as well as to meet the strong never flinched,The spirit of the sword.Of course, Shui Qingxia guidance in the coaching of that kind of personnel wisdom, I believe that the future of Du Feng guidance, need to pay attention to adhere to, he is also a very good at employing people, and dare to let all their team players on the field to play a role in the coach.At this point, he and Shui Qingxia do have some similarities.We also hope that he, like Coach Shui Qingxia, can stick to this habit, so that the future Chinese men’s basketball 12 players, each can play their own role, for the whole team to achieve good results.Under the guidance of Du Feng, he gave his blessing to the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Here, let’s also give this blessing to the Chinese women’s and Men’s basketball teams.