Chinese stock market: once the stock “gold needle bottom” form, the market will set off the main wave!

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In the speculative market, even if some people make money in the short term, their inner world is weak and restless, their eyes are confused, and they lack confidence in the future.And some people even if the stage is not good, clear thinking, the goal is clear, low profile, eyes are calm, heart is calm, full of confidence for the future.The difference of vision and realm determines each person’s different trading life.There are always some external factors to overcome in the investment process.We must endure loneliness, resist temptation, see pitfalls and seize opportunities.The final victory will belong to us!Gold needle bottom, refers to the stock price after a round of decline, a trading day jumped low open, then continued to fall, then, the stock price tenacious ground attack, left a long shadow line on the K line.This long shadow line is like a golden needle piercing deep into the bottom, supporting stock prices no longer lower.This form has the typical market reversal meaning.Characteristics: 1, usually require a small cumulative rise, it is best to fall for a long time and the decline of the stock has been a big, and then has been in a narrow box sideways, and sideways for a long time, no longer new lows.2. First, the greater the amplitude, the better; second, the longer the tip, the better.3, this has been out of the downward channel and the bottom of the rising trend to establish the stock if the sudden emergence of the “gold needle bottom” trend, generally speaking, are worth the focus of investors.It is best to be independent of the market deep V reverse market, and the golden needle bottom.Want to “golden needle bottom” potential opportunity for reality profit, still need to be combined with correct operation, among them the key is to grasp “heat”, not too hasty.Real rule: first, buy slowly.To pass screening, have the investment opportunity of the “golden needle bottom”, has held chips in principle should not be sold, and when building a warehouse as far as possible in the “golden needle” near the price approach.Two, holding to be patient.Do not have short-term operation ability to the vast majority of investors, buy “gold needle bottom” do not do band, patience can be held.Three, sell “fast”.Once you decide to sell, be resolute and decisive.”Gold needle bottom” sell time basically has: 1, arrive when plan price.2, determined as stagflation (hot wind change), although not to the plan to sell, but the early high can not be broken.3, out of a certain rise, began to appear consecutively on the line, released a large amount of Yin, there is a short-term top suspicion, and other obvious signs of weakness should also be sold decisively.If the needle bottom can be observed in the day line, but the time is “flash down”, it is likely to be the stock market “can not meet” mouse storehouse.The difference between winners and losers In a trade, winners and losers all have something in common when they enter the trade:They’re all about trading, they’re all about trading, they’re all about trading, they’re all about trading, they’re all about trading, they’re all about trading, they’re all about trading, they’re all about trading, they’re all about trading.Some common faults of losers: Many people fantasize that taking 100 yuan in the market can quickly make 1000 or even 10,000 yuan, and the sooner the better, the pursuit of sudden profits is the first reason for them to enter the market;They do not want to wait and see on the sidelines, and they only want to enter the market to make a quick fortune. Finally, after experiencing a substantial reduction in capital, they begin to believe that there is really someone in the market to make a living by trading, and they begin to change teachers, change markets, and say goodbye to the market.What the winners have in common: They are technocrats in money management and trading strategy, putting layers of protection over each order they write because they can’t forget the big losses they incurred when they left a stop on a previous trade.Execution runs deep in their common DNA.They believe they will make money in the end, and strategy is their shield, protecting them from doing what they lose.Control your emotions. Even if you are in the right market at the right time, if you do not control your emotions, you will not succeed.2. Control your position and use leverage carefully.Too big position is easy to fall into the trap of loss, too high leverage is easy to make time become the enemy, both of which will greatly affect the mood, affect the execution, basically all large losses are related to this.3. Exit should be executed firmly, even if it feels very wrong. You can improve the trading system and do a series of back tests after the execution.4. Enter the market, many opportunities, unless your system filter signal too much, before there is no signal to enter the market, in addition to waiting patiently is to supplement other knowledge, or romantic, do not mess with the operation, do not do the transaction, even if the money is wrong.5. Simple, not too many system variables, easy to overfit.No trading system can adapt to all market conditions. Only when the market moves to your system style can the wind come up and take off.At this point, the focus on execution is the most important, and it is to check whether the historical odds are true. Making the expected money at this point not only fills the hole in other times, but also greatly boosts the confidence of the system designer.Any trading system is to earn its tuyere on the silver, in line with the design of the expected market once appeared, if this special period can not earn, it should deeply reflect on which link went wrong, or which system variables out of the problem.