Zuo Zhifeng presided over a meeting on the rectification work of the Yangtze River Economic Belt warning film

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On February 7, Zuo Zhifeng, deputy Secretary of Xinhua County Party Committee and head of Xinhua County, presided over a meeting on the rectification of ecological and environmental problems in the Yangtze River Economic Belt warning film.He stressed that the rectification work should be carried out in a strict, fast and detailed manner, with the elimination of pollution and ecological restoration in a key position, and ensure that the rectification work can stand the test of time, history and the people.County leaders Zhang Haicheng, Zhao Tanhua, Zhou Construction, Zou Yixiang, Zhang Zhengbing and other attendance.The meeting conveyed the spirit of the relevant meeting at the higher level, and relevant departments and towns reported on the rectification of ecological and environmental problems disclosed in the warning film of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and discussed the follow-up rectification work.Zuo zhifeng pointed out that protecting the ecological environment of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and promoting its development is a major strategic decision personally promoted by General Secretary Xi Jinping.The whole county should thoroughly practice Xi Jinping thought on ecological civilization, deeply understand the importance and urgency of existing problems, effectively strengthen the thought and action consciousness of rectification and implementation, take the initiative to accept responsibility;We must fulfill our duties, think and act in the same direction, and ensure that all measures to rectify ecological and environmental problems are effective.We must be resolute and take effective rectification measures with a strong momentum of a thunderbolt. We will, in accordance with law and regulations, have zero tolerance for illegal and excessive discharge of pollutants, ecological damage, and environmental pollution, and truly rectify environmental problems that people feel strongly about.Zuo Zhifeng required that the rectification work should be actively and actively carried out in a strict, fast and detailed working state. The organization and leadership should be further strengthened, the leading group should be adjusted and optimized, and the rectification responsibility should be pressed to the post and transmitted to the people, so as to form a joint force of rectification work in which each takes his or her own responsibilities and coordinates with each other.To come up with a clear breakthrough, sales schedule, strictly in accordance with the time node, in order to countdown state to promote the rectification work, for the rectification work slack, do not cooperate with the department and individual, as a negative typical dig thoroughly, serious accountability in place.We should thoroughly review the ecological restoration and rectification plans and measures that have been adopted, draw up detailed task lists, and set up books and records to ensure that the work is implemented and the results of the process are well documented.We should strengthen follow-up project declaration, actively report and communicate, and strive for the support of superior departments.At the same time, the rectification work must be strictly implemented in accordance with the rectification plan, resolutely prevent superficial rectification, false rectification, rectification is not in place, avoid excessive rectification, ensure that the rectification effect can stand the test of time and history, stand the test of the people.On the same day, Zuo Zhifeng led the participants also came to Wentian Town Yangjiashan mining area field view scheduling project rectification and renovation work.Zuo Zhifeng required that the enterprise should earnestly implement the main responsibility, in strict accordance with the rectification standards and requirements, time nodes, quickly complete the rectification task;All relevant departments and towns should supervise and guide the rectification on the spot to ensure the rectification effect.(Xin Hua Rong Media reporter Kang Aijun Chen Ke) Editor: Zeng Zhenke