Spring Festival holiday new toy second bomb!Qunhui Docker deploys comic book manager

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⏹ Introduction Entertainment is very important for the average NAS user. I shared with you the Jellyfin (video) and Calibre (e-book) deployment tutorials.Here to share with you the next qunhui build comics library management center tutorial, feel useful welcome to like collection concern sanlian.⏹ Directory ⏹ Hardware recommended Devices are recommended based on site requirements.1️ QUNhui DS220+ introduction: The equipment used in this paper sells very well on the entry level qunhui, J4025 with CPU of X86 entry level, which is very suitable for low demand users. It is enough to store documents and attach Docker, and it is quite good to start with more than 1000 activities, of course, if not urgent, we can also wait for the new qunhui.2️ dandelion X3AIf there is no public IP broadband is okay, don’t need to network knowledge through the dandelion router network, mobile phone in the external network flat open the dandelion, client can use distribution network IP access router NAS, normal activity price fronted dollars, 7621 still can meet most users demand, bottom allied all equipment automatically to join the network,NAS is a good partner.3️ one plus 10 ProThe screen of OnePlus 10Pro is Samsung 2K+120Hz LTPO 2.0 flexible screen. When reading a book, the refresh rate can be easily changed according to the display content and scene to achieve power saving effect.In addition, snapdragon 8 Gen 1+LPDDR5+UFS3.1 flagship configuration, equipped with HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization technology,5000mah large battery with 80W wired flash charge and 50W wireless flash charge, SONY IMX615 front + SONY IMX789 camera combination, it is a very good entertainment phone.⏹ LANraragi is an open source comic book manager developed by Difegue. LANraragi supports zip/RAR/TARgz/LZMA / 7z/Xz/CBZ/CBR/PDF formats.Project address: https://github.com/Difegue/LANraragiLANraragi in addition to the traditional way of web browsing, and supporting the use of the android client archival (daily no iPhone client), mobile phone users’ convenience.This article uses the Chinese version of B station UP smile a summer, which is very convenient to use. It also supports archival client browsing, which can be trusted and practical. If possible, help to click wave attention.Project address: https://github.com/uparrows/LANraragi_cn ⏹ LANraragi deployment process access LANraragi need to look at NAS IP, click in the top right corner of the small tool to check the system status, the red box is NAS network IP, here is:️ create folder CREATE a subfolder named LANraragi under Docker folder for storing data files.Create a folder called Comics to store the comics files.When creating the comics folder, you must check the read and write permissions of all accounts. Otherwise, you may not be able to upload comics through the web.2️ download image enter the configuration page of Qunhui Docker.Click on the registry, search for LANraragi, find Dezhao/Lanraragi_cn, and double-click to download.Use the default latest tag.3️ deployment container wait for download completion and click image classification to find the newly downloaded image (Dezhao/Lanraragi_CN).Double-click to start the configuration, check the Use High Permission Execution container, and then click Advanced Settings.Go to the storage space configuration, click Add Folder again, and select the newly created LANraragi.Mount the comics folder again in the same way. Mount the comics folder again in the same way: /root/lanraragi/content. After configuring the mount, click Port Settings.3000 Click Apply to create a container.Inside the container you can see LANraragi running.⏹ LANraragi Initial configuration Browser open a new TAB and enter: NAS IP:30001️ change initial password The upper left corner will prompt login and change password, the default password is: Kamimamita Click Settings after login, first change the next easy to remember password, and click save Settings after configuration.On the Settings page you can also modify the information and display of this library, as needed.2️ manga upload Click back to database and return to the homepage of LANraragi.Click the upload file in the upper center to start uploading cartoons.Click Add from your computer and select the file you want to upload.The upload progress is displayed in the red box below. Try to keep the network stable during this period.LANraragi will automatically generate the cover after uploading, which may be slow, so don’t worry.If you want to download the cartoon directly, fill the download address of the cartoon into the text box below, here only supports direct download, does not support BT Thunderbolt and other protocol connection.In addition to uploading the web page, you can also copy the comic files directly to qunhui’s comics folder.The final browsing result is as shown below. It looks good, doesn’t it? The UI is very beautiful.Click on Settings to set some reading-related Settings.3️ creation of classified comics normally is a single volume and an independent file, which looks messy, so we need to classify it.Click Modify category, create category first.Click on the new static category to start creating.Fill in a name you like and click OK.Select the comics to be added.Create a JOJO folder as well.If you go back to the home page, you can see the categories here. You can see that there are two categories. The content under different categories will not be displayed, which is convenient for users to manage.⏹ LANraragi External Network Access If there is a public IP address, go to the router background first and find UPnP to enable.Go to DDNS in CDH Control panel, click New, and follow the prompts to get a domain name.Then click Router Configuration, click Set Router, and go to the next step.Then you can use the same domain name as ME to access the manga.If you do not have a public IP address, you can consider the dandelion X3A network mentioned above, where a client is installed on the mobile phone and the external network can be used as the internal network.⏹ LANraragi Mobile phone configuration First return to the setting page of LANraragi web page, click Security, and configure an API secret key. Without the key, you cannot browse through the mobile phone.Download and install the mobile client: Ichaival, Android only, thanks to Utazukin.Address of the project: https://github.com/Utazukin/Ichaival to prevent the friend can’t log on to making, here give a blue cloud shunt.Download address: https://wwi.lanzouy.com/i8092zcegqd and then into the mobile client, long press create the server information, fill in the following information:Server address = NAS IP:3000API key = the private key you just set. Ichaival supports domain name access. If there is a public IP address, use the domain name given by the group hui.After filling in, pull down and refresh to see the cartoon content.Reading mode supports landscape display, which is very comfortable.⏹ tutorial so far over, you learn waste?