How do you make people who don’t buy your product/service end up buying it anyway?

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Click on the upper right to pay attention to “Green Bean Man”, a senior we-media person with self-discipline, rationality and deep thinking, sharing “personal growth and improvement” & “We-media writing and operation secrets” with you every day.Follow me and you will gain a growth treasure. ① Read for 2 hours a day, day 2853 ② Keep writing daily, Day 416 How to make the customer who didn’t buy your product/service finally couldn’t resist buying it?I have come across many times when some students disappear after consultation without placing an order, but I am quite sure of that, because every customer who suddenly disappears states two questions: ☻ She comes to consult you, indicating interest in your product.☻ If she ran away, it shows that there is not enough trust in you as a person and the product.There are two ideas of how to make her finally unable to resist placing an order: the first of all is to polish your product ☻ to make it more worthwhile to buy;The second is to continuously export your value, which will increase the acceptance of you by the customers.Basically do both, and the customers who run away will come back.Before, for example, a new training camp during the preceding “the apprentice” (currently writing teaching has been incorporated into the circle of friends “apprenticeships writing training camp”), in a circle of friends I leave a message said “I come”, I wonder her nickname into the dialog box, only to find that she is consulted a one-to-one apprentice and distributing in the year before march training camp, but at the time in the camp.And she has now chosen to join, which shows that as long as your products are good enough, the aroma of wine is not afraid of customers to go far, and they will come back.Every time I want to give up, I use these three questions to revive my writing day for more than 400 days. I have acquired the ability to turn the tide against the wind and turn the tide with self-discipline!15 Myths about self-discipline. How many are you right about?The poorer the family, the better it is at internal friction.