Ningjin: “one thing, two code” approval speed

2022-06-19 0 By

Reporter He Yingying, correspondent Zhang Zhaokun, Zhao Ying, Ningjin News: “The recent order volume is large, on February 8, as soon as the company went to work, I rushed over to handle the formalities, unexpectedly, from project approval to construction permit only two days, electronic license scan code, the whole process of assistant agent, saving at least 30 days of time!”On February 9, Shandong Unicorn auto parts Co., LTD. Beard sports equipment injection factory workshop project leader Li Yadi smoothly finished the start of procedures happily said.Launched in January this year, NingJin County administrative examination and approval service via “one thing two yards” reform, the social investment industrial projects start matters of main process integration for approval before start working a “thing”, launched a “process custom qr code” and “electronic certification qr code”, the project planning stage, construction permits and construction permits phase three stages such as combined into a stage,Through internal information sharing, more than 10 application materials were reduced.Establish the “127 free assistance” mechanism of “early service within 1 day, active service within 2 days, door-to-door service within 7 days”, assign the exclusive “process customized TWO-DIMENSIONAL code” to the project. According to the “process customized TWO-DIMENSIONAL code”, submit a form, hand in a set of materials and go through a process application through one acceptance window.After the application, the main process items such as “enterprise investment project record” and “Construction project planning License” before the start of construction will be handled together, and the “industry comprehensive license” will be issued after verification, and an “electronic license TWO-DIMENSIONAL code” will be generated, and the enterprise can start construction.Source: Dazhong Daily