7 actors who failed their auditions and became famous!Sweet Tea wanted to play Spider-man

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Hollywood stars, but in which want to become a sparkling well-known actor is not easy, in addition to acting sometimes need a bit of opportunity, the following will come to you take seven audition failed, but under the karma in red, or blasting a fiend in don’t works lambe male actors, god together and see it right now!Audition failed yet burst of male actor 1. Andrew Garfield recently Andrew Garfield is performed, but he also faced early audition “the Chronicles of narnia” is failed because of not handsome, but Andrew is not discouraged, grasp the opportunity in 2012 “spider-man: surprise again as spiderman, received a good evaluation;In 2021, he played the famous scene of three generations of spider-man in spider-man: Homelessness Day, and won the Golden Globe Best Actor for his new film Countdown, making the global fans fall in love with Garfield’s charm!Audition failed yet burst of male actor 2 timothy summer flamel spider-man films have been fans of mind is good, but “sweet tea” in the summer of timothy flamel had audition challenge the role of the three generations of spider man, but eventually lost to the “brother” in the Netherlands Tom Hollander, can only say that the Netherlands brother Peter parker is the statue of ah ~ really words being said,In 2021, Tian Cha starred in Dune, which received a lot of praise, and met the couple, Chandya and Holland, through the play. The couple even discussed privately that Tian Cha would be a good fit to play the villain role in the Spider-Man series.(laughs) audition failed yet burst of male actors 3. Henry cavill carville once said in an interview, their childhood is not slim body, earlier to audition for James Bond in 007 royal club too chubby figure and failure, but also because of robust physique is very suitable for play a super hero, thus show the eighth generation of superman,He became famous for his role as Superman, and then challenged geralt, the silver-haired mutant in The Hunter, to become the sexiest actor in the world!Speaking of Hiddleston, Tom hiddleston’s signature film is thor.As Loki, the villain, he and his brother Thor fall in love and kill each other, but you know what?First shake, audition but the role of “thor” himself, but in the end because more in line with the “rocky” corner and lost to Chris Hans, but shake, do not lose heart, so even humor response: “when I saw at the scene of the audition Chris Hans of pectoralis major, will know that he is better suited to play than I sol!”Audition failed yet burst of male actor 5. Chris Hans walter to “thor” corner of the famous international film star Chris Hans, actually has many times to audition experience of failure, he had 2004 challenge performance series of polyethylene powder clutch robbie hunter had failed, but then was elected with Jin Haide rested, ultimately relies on this role counter attack scored one of the most popular new artist;Chris Hunsworth also auditioned to play Petah Mellark in The Hunger Games, but the director decided That Josh Hutchinson would be better suited to play the affectionate role.Audition failed yet burst of male actor 6. Norman Li Dusi caused a sensation in the global zombie series of inferi road, handsome and unruly “dairy” (Daryl) is the core of the characters, played by actor as models of Norman Li Dusi, but the role of the first Norman audition is actually a dairy brother “small”, also is the villain in the first quarter.They were so impressed with Norman that they created a role for him that was not in the original album. Norman Ridus’s portrayal of Daryl became a popular character in Inferi Road.Audition failed yet burst of male actors 7. Heath ledger in batman movie, deduce the clown by the heath ledger villain has set a model for later, so even won the Oscar for best supporting actor, but the original heath ledger audition is the role of “batman” Bruce Wayne, but think he is better suited to play the clown,That’s why Heath Ledger finally decided to play the villain.Let’s just say that this production is an act of divine casting, putting every actor in the right place.After watching the above 7 failed auditions, what do you think?