White Hair 101 is coming!Yang Yang, Yang Zi, Reba, Ren Jialun all have, which do you like?

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Recently, the studio has been completely “occupied” by the ancient puppet dramas. Up to now, there are at least 7 ancient puppet dramas in filming. I don’t know which one we pay attention to?But I found a very interesting thing, almost all in the antique puppet drama has white hair styling.It was in The Legend of Heavenly Tongji White Snake that Ren Jialun’s white hair was the first to be impressed by the style of the ancient puppet opera.Ren Jialun’s character should be the originator of the white hair style of the ancient puppet drama today, and now the cast’s stylist should learn from Ren Jialun’s white hair style.Coincidentally, Dilieba, who co-starred with Ren in The Legend of The King, also appears with white hair in the new TV series Happy Life.Dili reba this white hair can see the stylist’s preference for the actress, although ren Jialun is the same white hair, but Reba also added a delicate braided hair design, so it does not look monotonous and simple.Reba’s white hair style in “Happy Life” is too delicate, and she wears a white gauze dress, which really matches her hair color.We don’t know yet how the positive will look, but from the Reuters images so far, reba is absolutely stunning.Yang Yang also appeared in the ancient puppet drama “Try the World” with Zhao Lusi, and her white hair looks are so amazing that they have become a hot search topic these days.Here have to praise Yang Yang’s posture, it is too superior, shoulder and back straight, Reuters pictures have been paste into such, but we can still clearly see the shape of the curve.This may be the accomplishment of a dancer!Yang Yang’s co-star, Zhao Lusi, also looks cute. Their height difference has formed a strong sense of intimacy.After seeing the sun hit Zhao Ruth’s face, Yang naturally stepped in front of her, which was a very gentlemanly gesture.Yang Zi and Cheng Yi also have white hair in the movie Aloes like Dust.Have to suspect that these stars are not in the competition of the hidden poke?Why does everyone have to wear the same white hair look? Fans will have to compare these shows to each other once they hit their heads.Yang Zi this white hair style is done more delicate, plus a white hoodie as decoration, plus the scar makeup on the face, this fairy only beautiful atmosphere feeling is pulled full.Although I don’t know whether Yang Zi’s white hair style is the most beautiful, but “Aloes such as dust” stylist should be the best.It looks like the era of white-hair 101 is coming to ancient drama, but the public is still more accepting of the black hair look in costume dramas, where anything with a different hair color was considered an outlier.Like Zhou Yi in 2005 out of the “ghost eight array map”, although the plot is very perfect, but there is still the audience by hair color to persuade retreat, now white hair modelling can appear in a pile, this also shows the audience to the acceptance of alternative modelling higher?Back to business, in the era of “white hair 101”, which hair style of ren Jialun, Dilieba, Yang Yang and Yang Zi can you accept most?Welcome to leave a message to discuss, this article is only the author’s personal views, rational discussion, do not like spray.