Rural to marry a wife and then “upgrade”, the woman’s requirements of “2 jilted 3 sides 4 rounds”, than betrothal gift is difficult to get

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According to the latest census, there are nearly 35 million more males than females in our country.This is a very exaggerated figure, which means that more than 30 million men will be single in the future, and this can only be satisfied if the ratio of the rest of the population is one to one. In fact, the specific number will be higher than this, although it is cruel, but it is very realistic.In the past two years, the number of grade-level marriages has been less than 10 million each year, a figure that has been on the decline, indicating that there are a large number of single people in China.So what causes it?On both sides of the requirements in general, marriage must be under the condition of both sides are satisfied with each other, to discuss the content of their marriage needs, for example to discuss the bride a dowry of what, but, in fact, the trend is to men when they get married will face a big candy is the bride, in a lot of women in the family the dowry this aspect is the lion big openings,And their dowry is less, and this is just the first threshold, the banquet in the future, red envelopes, venues, slowly draw money road just began, and some couples for this point is also very particular about, to do also want to do the best, can not lose face.The above is part of the requirements for many urban people to get married. In the countryside, it may be more difficult.If it is not out of the village in the countryside to produce and sell themselves, in such an era of preference for boys in the countryside, women are very few, so they can find fewer objects, many people also choose to work in the city and then reduce the choice, many men in the countryside will be more difficult to find their own marriage object.Now the network is more developed, a lot of rural areas are also connected to the network, the people inside is also received higher education, thought and now the city women as independent, so the requirements of nature is also the same high.However, marriage is one of the major events in life. Even if the bride is found, many people’s marriage process is joined by their parents. For example, the amount of bride price is decided by the bride’s parents, and many people cannot refuse even if the bride does not want to.And in the countryside there is another requirement that is harder to get than bride price. Just as in the cities, many women marry as if they were running a business, expecting the man to have a car, house and savings.This is only the most basic demand, in the countryside there is a deeper level of demand is “two swing three sides four rounds”.▲ Rural wife “2 jilted 3 sides 4 rounds” is what many people do not know what this word means, one by one to explain.2 dumping is to get rid of the man’s parents, in the countryside, many people’s thoughts are still very backward, think that the married daughter is like a splash of water, outside easy to be bullied by the man and his parents.The problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been present throughout the ages, and many women’s parents want to avoid this problem and put forward requirements.The third means that the house should be bought on the road, the parents should be healthy, and the man is an only child, which also reduces the money that the woman needs to spend in marriage.As for 4 wheels needless to say, that is the car, this is now a basic requirement of marriage, may not be too much in the city, but for the countryside, in fact, the car is not so important, but there is no car others is no way to recognize you.When you can’t afford to support two people, staying single is the right choice, but we can’t let the cost of marriage increase because of this reason. The population is not balanced now, and it is difficult to get married by one, step by step will lead to a lower fertility rate, the population will decrease.Although people’s will is important and worthy of respect, marriage is nothing more than a life for another person, not a means to make money.