Atalanta VS Juve have courage, tottenham VS Wolves may be cold

2022-06-18 0 By

◆ Bundesliga: Bochum beat Bayern 4-2, big cold!Lewan scored twice but Bochum scored four goals in half an hour as they stunned Bayern Munich 4-2 in the bundesliga round 22 yesterday.In other matches, Levaud beat Stuttgart 4-2 at home for their fourth straight win, scoring 16 goals in total.Manchester United fell to a 1-1 draw at home to Southampton, where Sancho scored the opening goal.Sterling scored a hat-trick and Foden another in Manchester city’s 4-0 victory at Norwich.Serie A top war, Naples in the case of an advanced goal, and the leader inter milan 1-1 draw;Lazio thrashed Bologna 3-0 at home and got the three points they wanted;La Liga dialogue, villa and Real Madrid into a 0-0 draw, the continuation of the confrontation advantage.Premier: spurs recently state instability first focus on the premier league 25th round today, the seventh eighth of wolves home game against tottenham.Separated by just two points, the two sides are direct contenders for a place in Europe.Conte’s appointment has failed to bring a significant boost to tottenham’s consistency as they suffered a back-to-back defeat at home to Southampton in midweek after scoring an early goal.Wolves lost 1-0 at home to Arsenal, their successive defeats in all competitions.Tottenham have won 11, drawn 3 and lost 7 in the league this season.The Wolves, 10 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses, are also less likely to draw.Based on past encounters, I think it’s either a 3 or a big cold.◆ Serie A: today’s second game focus on the 25th round of Serie A, ranked 5 atalanta host Juventus in 4th place.Separated by just two points, the two sides are serious contenders for the top four.Atalanta lost 3-2 at home to Fiorentina in midweek’s Coppa Italia.Juve were much luckier, thanks to a late own goal to beat sassuolo 2-1.Atlanta had won three, drawn four and lost three of the previous 10 meetings.But this game, institutions more open even shallow dish, the home team side for ultra high water, I think the game experience more rich Juventus away undefeated probability.These are today’s preliminary thoughts, feel free to post your thoughts on tonight’s game in the comments section!