“What an adventure it is to live in such a big, loving family!”

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Entering Binhe Community Home Care Service Center in High-tech Zone of Chengde city, Hebei Province — “Living in such a big family with love is so exciting!”We should combine doing for the elderly with providing for them, study and improve policies and measures, encourage the elderly to continue to shine, give full play to the role of the younger elderly, and encourage volunteers to do more in community governance.From August 23 to 24, 2021, Xi visited Chengde city, Hebei Province.On the afternoon of April 24, Xi jinping visited a riverside community in Chengde High-tech Zone and communicated with residents.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the small square in front of the home care service center in Binhe community, High-tech Zone, Chengde City, Hebei Province, is particularly lively and festive.”In August last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited our community and had cordial exchanges with the people in this small square.The general secretary is particularly concerned about the old people’s life in their later years, which makes everyone’s hearts warm!”Riverside community leader Yu LAN led reporters through the small square, into the home care service center.The room was jubilant.In the activity room of the university for the Elderly, women in gold and red dresses dance to the song “Our Life is Full of Sunshine”.”In the six months since the general secretary’s visit, there have been many changes in the community.Aunts and uncles are as full of life as young people!”Yu Lan said.”Where all convenient, too have no pick son” a strong rice fragrance from the corridor head floating.”The old people’s dining hall is ready!”Yu LAN pointed to a room on the south floor.”It opened in September last year and is popular with old people!”In the old dining hall, six tables for four people are clean and tidy. Several old men and women are having dinner. Many old men are carrying lunch boxes and walking slowly to the inside.On one side of the table, the dishes just out of the pot are steaming hot, braised fish slices, fried eggs with green pepper, white roast radish…An eight-course meat and vegetable dish with rice and pasta is sumptuous and inviting.Zhang Ruocheng, 68, chatted with the reporter while cooking: “My 90-year-old mother is waiting for me. Bring it back to her.The food in the canteen is delicious and varied.”On the wall of the canteen, the daily updated menu details the food items and prices of breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Each meal also provides two different sets of low sugar and low fat.”When the general secretary visited, he pointed out that it is the important responsibility of party committees and governments at all levels to meet the various needs of the elderly and ensure them a happy and happy old age.We found that the riverside community has 1,439 people over the age of 60, many of the elderly children are not around, ‘eating’ is the most common ‘rigid needs’.”Yu Lan said.In early September last year, binhe community joint high-tech zone, with three days to complete the transformation of a senior dining hall.The canteen is subsidized by the government and operated by a third party.Breakfast and dinner are 5 yuan and lunch 10 yuan for those over 60, half price for those over 80, and free for those over 90.”I’ve been here since the first few days.”Hao Guifeng, 85, used to have to buy food and cook for herself in a family with her husband.”Now, I come to the canteen every morning and noon to eat two meals, save money, save effort and nutrition, which are convenient, too no choice!”She said.Eat well, live at ease.In August last year, President Xi Jinping visited the home care service center to inspect projects such as renovation for the elderly.Now, all kinds of equipment displayed in the exhibition room for aging transformation appear in many old people’s homes.Riverside community has more than 60 families completed the transformation for aging.Reporters found Liu Baochuan uncle home, he was using walking AIDS for rehabilitation training.Liu, 62 years old, suffers from diabetes, cerebral thrombosis and mobility problems.”The community helped me install the toilet rack and sent in bath AIDS and walking AIDS.It takes less effort to walk, and it’s much more stable to sit in the shower.”Uncle Liu told reporters that there is a “bodyguard” at home!Late last year, the community distributed surveillance cameras to more than 20 households with elderly patients or those living alone, which can automatically lock and track their targets, and can also use mobile phones for real-time intercom.While chatting, the camera “speaks” : “old man, how are you at home?”It turned out that uncle Liu had been remembered by his wife who was out on business.”Now I have become a ‘red majia’.” “Xiao Yue, my eyes are much better!Thanks to you two days ago specially accompany me to the hospital for examination.”In the small square, Zhang Yufu was walking out and spotted a woman in a volunteer red vest.”Aunt Zhang, don’t mention it!Let me know if I can help you any more!”The “red vest” replied affectionately.Zhang Yufu mouth of the “small yue”, is 64 years old Yue Shurong, riverside community gerontology Lei Feng volunteer service team of elderly volunteers, the community known as “warm-hearted”.On weekdays, she often to the 87-year-old solitary old man Zhang Yufu home cleaning, small talk.A while ago, I heard that Zhang Yufu suffered from eye disease, Yue Shurong immediately proposed to accompany to the hospital, “that few days, chengde snow, snow on the ground is very deep, how can let Zhang Aunt a person to take a bus to go?”Yue Shurong is accustomed to such “troubles”.”We are all empty-nesters with children outside.I feel very comfortable to do what I can to help older people while I am still strong.”Three years ago, when the community set up a home-based care service center, Yue shurong and a group of “energetic seniors” with good health and good spirit got together to form a volunteer service team.Yue shurong was one of five elderly volunteers xi jinping met during his inspection visit.”We told the general secretary that to be a volunteer is to be old and devote more of your spare energy.”Yue Shurong recalled, “The general secretary said that we had spoken very well. While exploring how to provide for the elderly, we also raised the question of how to do things for the elderly.””Hearing the general Secretary’s affirmation in person, we almost jumped for joy!”Hu Xiying, an elderly volunteer who also met Xi, told the reporter, “We have a higher spirit and are willing to take the lead in everything.”The day after Xi’s visit, three women in their 60s approached community workers and applied to join the volunteer service team.In less than half a year, the service team expanded to 58 people, who were assigned to 12 groups according to their strengths, including the consolation group, the literature and art group, and the household service group. Two volunteers were on duty every day.”In the past, I used to see ‘red sock puppeteers’ busy in the community yard, looking at their positive energy.Now I have become a ‘red vest’. I feel restless every day. My children say I laugh more.”Wu Yahong, 60, just became a volunteer last September. She donated her family’s three-person jar to the newly opened canteen for the elderly, “to make pickled cabbage for the elderly sisters!””The general Secretary said that we will study and improve policies and measures to encourage the elderly to continue to shine, give full play to the role of the younger elderly, and encourage volunteers to do more in community governance.”Yu LAN said the community’s trial “time bank” mechanism is improving, and the silver volunteers have “saved” nearly 7,000 hours of service time. “Today they serve others, and later they will be served by others.Love is circulating in our community.””As soon as the music rings, I have no disease.” “Yang teacher, you help us dig details.”Zhao Fengyun, 59, and several older women gather around Yang Lina, their teacher, in an activity room at the University for the Elderly, gesturing dance moves.This year, binhe community and next-door Community ehua community jointly held the first community network Spring Festival Gala, the two communities when the elderly lead.Chorus, cheongsam show, poetry recitation, folk music performance…The program list is colorful, Zhao Fengyun and her old sisters signed up for three programs to show their “fruitful results” in the community college for the elderly.”Dance practice on Monday and Thursday, vocal lessons on Wednesday and Thursday, how fulfilling!”Zhao Fengyun retired nearly 10 years ago. A few years ago, she was busy taking care of her grandson.”I used to sing and dance when I was young, but I didn’t have time to learn.Now that there are plenty of courses in senior universities and they are free, I have to jump at the chance.””Zhao fengyun laughed.Since 2018, Binhe community has opened a community college for the elderly with “public education and free learning” to build a bridge between the “skilled” elderly and the “eager to learn” elderly, so that both sides need each other and achieve each other.Yang Lina, the teacher of the dance class, used to be a national second-level choreographer.Her specialty was carefully captured by the community cadres visited and recorded on the information platform.”I shall be glad to teach the old sisters. I shall feel my life again.My wife says everything goes away when the music starts!”Yang, 67, beamed as she talked about it.Walking in the riverside community, reporters everywhere feel the warmth of home: the old people call Yu LAN these community cadres “girl, boy”, Yu LAN and colleagues to the old people are “uncle” “aunt” “grandma” to call close.Between people, there is no strange, only laughter.”People say volunteering is hard work, but I think it’s more fun.”Hu xiying said that not long ago, she was carrying two heavy bags home, a strange man volunteered to help her.The guy didn’t leave his name, leaving a sentence: “Are you a community volunteer?I know you.I also volunteer today!””What an adventure it is to live in such a big, loving family!”Hu xiying said that if the community had not provided a variety of platforms for the elderly, she would not have lived so happily.She even wrote a poem to express her hope: “Eighty years old, sixty years young, we are a group of happy friends…The sun is shining every day. Let’s live another 30 years!”