Foolish head as a result of too hot, hence thought a method, let oneself become cool rise!

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Dull head felt very hot.On the back of the cow. It’s drying out.So he thought, how can become cool?At this time the fool thought of a way.So he hid on the back of his cow.He praised himself as a genius.According to xiaobian’s understanding.In the hot summer, people choose to stay in the shade or shade.That’s what our hero outside thinks, too.He felt hot sitting on a cow’s back.So he crouched under the cow and praised himself for his cleverness.He’s a genius.That’s the end of this cartoon.Here, small make up to remind you readers friends, when people are injured, to use the formal way of dressing the wound.R took the lead.The faster the moonlight is good, so he hung the wealth on the big tree.That’s the end of this comic. See you next time!Foolish head station in “zebra crossing” on the left and right sides look, the result gave “car accident”!Prosperous wealth sees foolish head and cow “kiss”, cause endocrine maladjustment, five days did not poo!