“Sight” is an art sculpture that tells the story of labor 60 years ago

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Pei Longxiang qian Peijian) The “mother machine” made in modern industry — China’s first ten thousand tons of hydraulic press was built and put into operation 60 years ago, the art installation created by the discarded parts after its overhaul was completed and unveiled in front of Shanghai workers’ Cultural Palace and Shanghai craftsmen’s Pavilion.The sculpture is presented in the form of “three columns” combined with “three background walls”, which echoes the 1:8.5 model of “ten thousand tons hydraulic press” in Shanghai Craftsman Pavilion.Ten thousand tons of hydraulic press physical column instead of the copper background behind the wall, with its unique rugged industrial aesthetic feeling, and citizens to display to 60 years ago jiangnan shipyard workers use “soil, poor, qiao” way, successively conquer “gold (metal cutting), wood (lifting transportation), water (hydrostatic test), fire (heat treatment), electricity (electroslag welding)” five passes,Complete the first domestic hydraulic press independent research and development and construction of the labor story.”At that time, our country’s industrial level is still relatively weak, the parts of the ten thousand tons of hydraulic press without large equipment can not start.”Ceremony site, the original participation in the construction of Tang Yingbin stroked the column, his hands excited slightly trembling.China’s first ten thousand tons of hydraulic press is the starting point of the take-off of China’s machinery industry, it for China’s shipbuilding, electric power, metallurgy, mining, national defense and other industries forged many heavyweight components, for the development of China’s heavy industry to make an indelible contribution.At the same time, ten thousand tons of hydraulic press is new China’s first batch of industrial workers with wisdom and sweat to create one of the most important works, can be called “national treasure”.In 1958, when only a few countries in the world have ten thousand tons of hydraulic press, to build their own ten thousand tons of hydraulic press, facing no information, no funds, no similar equipment can refer to the “three no” dilemma.At the beginning of manufacturing, Tang Yingbin, then an engineer at Jiangnan Shipyard, encountered a “chicken or egg” problem. Large parts needed to be made of extra-large forgings and cast steel. Without large hydraulic presses, many castings and steel plates had to be welded together.However, the four large pillars, each 18 meters long, 1 meter thick, weight 80 tons, the traditional “arc welding” is not competent.Tang yingbin and his assistant learned that a new foreign technology, electroslag welding, could solve the problem.Under the condition of no one guidance, after thousands of tests, they use slag welding to weld a large part, after testing, the weld is in full compliance with the standard.On June 22, 1962, 12 thousand tons free forging hydraulic press designed and manufactured by our country was completed and formally put into operation.Tang Yingbin, who is 90 years old this year, recalled that episode of the past as bold as ever: “We have never been afraid of the blockade of foreigners, the more blockade, the better our development!”Today, the first ten thousand tons hydraulic press is still in Shanghai heavy machinery factory roaring operation.In 2009, the hydraulic press overhaul, part of the waste parts stored in Jiangnan Shipyard, the most representative is its column.The Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions turned waste into treasure and made columns into art installations to stand in People’s Square, expecting to show the context of Shanghai’s industrial development with precious objects and interpret the struggle of the working class with art installations through the construction of a good landmark of the city.In the process of the installation of the art installation, familiar model workers were involved in the process. Jiang Tieli, the winner of Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal and the vice president of the College of Fine Arts of the University, was responsible for the design.Chen Jingyi, a Shanghai craftsman and welding king from Jiangnan Shipyard, took over the baton of his predecessors and participated in welding production.The hoisting work was carried out by the studio that built the viewing stand for the 70th National Day Parade…Model workers and the team work together to “reproduce” the story of the construction of the ten thousand tons of hydraulic press, with the ingenuity of the artisan art to give new power to the ten thousand tons of hydraulic press era.