Plum blossom, blooming in the branches, brings spring

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Plum blossom, is a fire in the winter wind came, flying snow, winter arrived.Looking at the winter, the arrival of every day, my heart, constantly beating, more and more intense, as if MY excited soul, with the heart out of my fiery chest.My ardent expectations, like a fire in winter, constantly glow and heat, constantly melt my heart those cold snow.No matter how weak the power is, no matter what the future holds.The wish of “I want to blossom”, no longer hidden in the depths of my heart, has now spilled out of the water, waiting for me to shout out.In this cold time, the season of all things white.I want to be a fire in the winter.Spread my fragrance among the world;My fragrance, secreting man’s heart.”I want to blossom,” my heart boomed.”I want to bloom,” I said.Looking forward to, looking forward to, the voice of winter, near.Waiting, waiting, waiting for the snow to fly, come.In this cold season, in this cold time, my heart is not beating violently.The gentle presence of snow and the warmth of sunlight have made me send the first hint of fragrance.The fragrance rises around the tree, drifts away in the wind, and finally disappears in the human heart.”I have blossomed, a fire in the winter opens with abandon.Although I do not have the color or beauty of fire, I do have the warmth and boldness of fire.Bloom during the coldest weather.”I said to myself.”I am very lonely, for the glory of a little heart, I ling cold alone open, what is this for?”I asked myself.”What is it that is missing?Or are all heroes lonely?””Murmured my heart.Only listen to “rumble, rumble” sound, spring thunder bright, spring rain came.Small raindrops moisten the earth.The earth began to change into green, peach blossom began to compete in bloom, winter jasmine gradually bustling……In such a fine spring, the grass glistened green and the flowers bloomed hot.Flowers of various colors are in full bloom.Only the plum blossom, disappeared.Oh, I came to rouse the world, to rouse the flowers, to rouse men, to behold this garden of spring.I am still a fire in the winter, guiding people to the beautiful, colorful spring.”Plum blossom, whispered.”I wake up the spring breeze, let the spring breeze blow the mountains and fields of green;I wake up the spring rain, let the rain moisten the green leaves, off the colorful flowers;I woke the people up to look at this beautiful picture.”Plum blossom, smile whisper.Perhaps that is the value of plum blossom.Although give a person with ice clean jade clean pride, but brought spring.Perhaps the value of life, lies in this bar, through the snow deceiving each other, look at the flowers in full bloom.Hong mei hong mei a tree shade, linjiang hard cutting wave with the cloud, red flowers have been blooming plum’s jealousy, pear, apricot mo helpless until February, spring breeze blew warm you accompany together, feeling the wind, happy face I just to move talent, with you, not the same exclusively peaceful, calmly xi le cold winter, cold fear frost attack saving strength, bursting describe a suit, frost snow a tree, wintersweet is red