February 7 A share analysis: the year of the Tiger off the Shanghai index rose more than 2%, the construction plate is trading limit

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On Feb. 7, 2022, the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 2.03% at 3,429.58 points.Shenzhen Component Index gained 0.96% to 13,456.65;The chinext index rose 0.31 percent to close at 2,917.86 points, with turnover of the two markets increasing by 4.253 billion yuan from the previous session, totaling 823.134 billion yuan.Capital flow: today’s main net inflow: -2.7346 billion main net ratio: -0.29% today’s large single net inflow: 1.16833 billion large single net ratio: 0.14% Today’s large single net inflow: -3.54179 billion large single net ratio: -0.43% today’s single net inflow:Net inflow of today’s small orders: 3.26359 billion small orders net ratio:0.4% sector: concept stocks: the largest inflow of funds into the concept of Shanghai Stock Connect, Shanghai stock Exchange 180, AH shares, the Belt and Road, standard & Poor’s, respectively: 5.994 billion, 5.655 billion, 3.917 billion, 3.494 billion, 3.078 billion;The concept sector with the most capital outflow is Shenzhen Stock Connect, GEM comprehensive, Shenzhen 500, Huawei Concept, 100 yuan shares, respectively: -4.09 billion, -3.395 billion, -2.991 billion, -2.732 billion, -2.465 billion;The sectors with the biggest increases were: combustible ice, underground pipe network, oil and gas services, low-carbon metallurgy and shale gas, with 7.44%, 6.48%, 5.49%, 5.25% and 5.23%, respectively.The concept sectors with the biggest declines were: NOVEL coronavirus drugs, Lidar, Eastern Digital West, VPN and longevity drugs, which were -2.52%, -1.9%, -1.66%, -1.53% and -1.27%, respectively.Industry: the largest inflow of capital into the industry sector for engineering construction, banking, small metal, photovoltaic equipment, insurance, respectively: 2.392 billion, 1.981 billion, 1.285 billion, 755 million, 502 million;The industry sectors with the largest outflow of funds were wine industry, culture media, medical equipment, software development and communication equipment, respectively: -1.757 billion, -1.195 billion, -1.105 billion, -1.023 billion, -788 million;The industry sectors with the largest increase are: engineering consulting services, mining industry, engineering construction, cement and building materials, and steel industry, with 8.38%, 7.46%, 5.25%, 5.08%, and 4.32%, respectively.The industry sectors with the biggest decline are: education, communication services, culture and media, computer equipment, wind power equipment, -1.0%, -0.95%, -0.87%, -0.73%, -0.32%, respectively.Tomorrow can subscribe for 1 new shares.Hualan vaccine subscription code: 301207, the total number of shares issued: 40.01 million, online issuance: 6.8 million shares, the maximum subscription required with a market value of 65,000 yuan, subscription ceiling: 0.65 million shares, the issue price: 56.88 yuan.Download the Titanium Media App for more information.