Henan promotion of this advertising college enrollment and nearly three years of scores

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01 examination content and item model Henan rises only this advertisement learns professional examination course to have 2, public English and fine arts major are comprehensive, every 150 minutes, 300 minutes in all.Public English test questions in reading comprehension: 2 points/topic X20 topic, a total of 40 points gestalt fills up: 1 / topic, a total of 20 points true or false: 2 points/questions X5, a total of 10 english-chinese translation options: 2 points/questions X5, a total of 10 sorting fill in the blanks: 3 points/questions X5, a total of 15 points translation: 3 points/questions X5, a total of 15 points per:2分 X10 分 20分 Writing: 20分 X1 分 20分 Art exam Topic: Drawing (75分), Color (75分)02 Examination analysis Of Henan Advertising major upgrade in 2019 provincial control line 118 points, 2020 provincial control line 158 points, 2021 provincial control line 187 points;In terms of enrollment plan, the number of students will be 4 in 2019, 30 in 2020 and 19 in 2021.032021 Painting major enrollment 1) Enrollment plan: 19 2) Enrollment colleges: 3 3) Provincial control line: 187 4) Provincial control line number: 22 5) Highest score:In 2021, Henan upgraded this advertising major enrollment number of 19 people, enrollment of 3 colleges, 2021 Henan upgraded this advertising enrollment number of zhengzhou Institute of Business and Technology, 7 people;In terms of admission score, Zhengzhou Institute of Engineering and Technology has a relatively high admission score of 213 points, 26 points higher than the provincial control line.Overall look advertisement learns recruit students college and recruit students number are less, sign up for this major or need cautious bit.In 2021, henan Advertising Major will recruit 19 students, 18 ordinary examinees, 1 registered poor family, and 3 colleges:Zhengzhou Institute of Engineering and Technology, Zhengzhou Institute of Finance and Economics, Zhengzhou Institute of Business and Industry, 2 private institutions, 1 public institutions, in 2021 henan Advertising major enrollment colleges for students to participate in the 2022 entrance examination to study.