Winter Olympics curlers are hot again!Sven glasses muscle figure Mrs. Mrs. Handsome

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Curling fan Suyuan and Curling Lingzhi of China got off to a great start against pyeongchang Olympic silver medalists Perrett and Rios of Switzerland.Chinese team really YYDS!Wait, don’t the Winter Olympics start on the 4th?Beijing has officially become the world’s first Olympic double city, and the water Cube has also evolved into the Ice Cube, becoming the first Olympic double venue. I can’t wait to sing let it Go.In less than 2 minutes, I found him. As a member of the 1994 National curling team, he is a veteran of mixed doubles. This time, he and Fan Su Yuan beat each other 7:6Victory over Switzerland combination Jenny von westphalen page, leite/Martin rios is not only for the Chinese team won the Olympics start even with two threesome ▼ his partner has been playing together for 11 years and veteran said that he is really a bit not exaggerated ▼ ‍ have to say team guys are rolled iron player often share training everyday also clock in the gym every day is such effortsCan have today’s achievement is not “no pains, no gains No pains, no gains “▼, of course This also no wonder team little elder brother figure so good “strip with meat, clothing show thin” former Xu Jingtao, after LingZhi it also makes many people have more understanding on the progress of the winter Olympics ▼ out, of course, will always follow the latest progress of follow on it!Article | Xianrou | ixianrou text original pictures from the network