Tujia homestay: This year’s New Year fashion “package a small hospital son” Beijing and Shanghai boutique homestay is hard to find

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We went surfing and eating seafood in Wanning, Hainan province, housing in Xinmi, Henan Province, eating iron pot and pot dakang in Yichun, Heilongjiang Province, enjoying mountains and rivers in Guilin, Guangxi Province, singing and dancing on mutton skewers in Urumqi, Xinjiang Province, cooking hot pot in a designer building in Chongqing, and experiencing ice and snow culture in a residential hotel in the outskirts of Beijing.The seven-day Spring Festival holiday tujia B&B selected seven characteristic b&B small homes in seven places across the country, using slow live broadcast to let users and guests feel the local Chinese New Year flavor together.Tujia data shows that during the Spring Festival, the transaction volume of orders for whole rentals of small homes or villas in China has increased by 50% compared with the Spring Festival of 2021. Taking the whole family to enjoy the local taste of small homes has become the hottest phenomenon across the country during this Spring Festival.Among them, Shanghai, Beijing around the part of the boutique b&B courtyard booked a month in advance, this Spring Festival appeared “a hospital is hard to find” phenomenon.More and more consumers tend to enjoy “slow holidays” in small homes with their families. On tujia B&B platform, the average number of people staying in small homes stays for more than 2 nights, and the average order price exceeds 7,000 yuan.Phenomenon of “pack a small courtyard for hot home stay booking service upgrade drive Spring Festival home zhang li didn’t go home this year Spring Festival, gansu province, choose with a family in the suburbs of Beijing ten” package a small courtyard “to celebrate the Spring Festival, this is the first time she choose festival in this way, the” new “in the home stay facility service makes a first got to meet different needs.Zhang li had many concerns before choosing a b&B: adults wanted to ski, the elderly wanted to visit scenic spots, and children wanted to do handicrafts. She needed to take care of everyone’s needs, making it difficult for her to plan her trip.But in the process of understanding, she found that many b&Bs can now provide free “B&B +” upgrade services according to user needs.Finally, she booked a cirrus courtyard in Liuduhe Village, Huairou District, Beijing through Tujia.This New Year in the small hospital son, her biggest feeling is more worry.”At first, we thought we would live in a small courtyard and have to do our own tour guides for surrounding scenic spots, but this time it was very easy and the housekeeper provided very considerate service.He not only arranged the meals, but also planned the trip according to the different needs of the three generations. He was very enthusiastic to buy tickets for us.I think the b&B is becoming more and more human, the experience is very good, the whole family had a great time!”Consumers like Zhang Li are not in the minority this year.According to Tujia, the top 10 cities for whole-yard rentals during this year’s Spring Festival are Shanghai, Beijing, Sanya, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Suzhou, Qingyuan, Chongqing and Dali.It can be seen that these cities are popular tourist destinations with strong consumption strength or maturity, and consumers’ demand has shifted from simple accommodation to customized in-depth experience.The upgrading and reform of the supply side of homestay provides strong support for the customization demand of consumers.Way home, senior vice President of a home stay facility Hu Yang also said that this year Beijing suburbs rental bookings in 2021 compared to the more than 2 times of home stay facility, mainly around the miyun, huairou and yanqing such peripheral country home, the home stay facility both in quality and service has a lot of upgrades, platform through training, resource allocation for home stay facility also increase more immersion service.”To eat local specialties” has become the most important flavor of the Spring Festival.Tujia homestay platform introduction, this Spring Festival, Tujia homestay jointly with Beijing characteristic food brand bureau gas, combined with the characteristics of Beijing Miyun to eat fish, invited well-known chefs in Beijing cuisine, to some Beijing suburb homestay door to make whole fish banquet.”This’ + ‘service is what distinguishes b&B from hotels, and we will integrate different resources to provide consumers with more local b&B services.”Hu Yang said.The purse of the villagers is warmer “the farmer that fellow countryman opens wants to turn over a stage” food and beverage, farming goods sale, periphery travel, keep clean cloth grass……A b&B drive is an industrial chain, the villagers’ purse more “warm”.Zhang Xiaorong, owner of liuduhe Village, Huairou District, Beijing, is also very busy this Spring Festival. His house was booked out a month in advance.He originally hired two local villagers for 3,000 yuan a month;To the Spring Festival such holidays, but also to find temporary help, 200 yuan a day.”Many local villagers, who are already off the farm in winter, can supplement their family income and increase their income by working in homestay, and they have become more welcoming to homestay operators.””I used to commute half an hour a day to work in the town, but now I help out in several b&Bs. I have more time on my own and my income is higher than before.”Yang Xiuhong, a 51-year-old resident of Liuduhe Village, rented a courtyard of her home to Zhu Jiang, the owner of the Cirrus Courtyard, for 40,000 yuan a year after she retired last year.In her spare time, she helps to clean in a homestay, earning 6,000 to 7,000 yuan a month.The pull of catering is more direct.Zhang Xiaorong introduced, around the village b&B, the villagers opened more than 10 “farmhouse”, per capita consumption in 40-50 yuan, holidays have to turn over Taiwan.In order to serve the b&B, Bohai town also invested to open a laundry room, business is very good, but also to solve the b&B linen cleaning needs.Seeing the increase in visitors, some people have invested in building a small ski resort.Yang xiuhong feels that the arrival of b&B has brought great changes to the life of the villagers.”The biggest change is that more jobs have been provided to people in the village and more tourists have come to spend money in the village.We used to sell all our chestnuts to wholesalers, with an annual income of about 15,000 yuan. Now it is not enough to sell chestnuts to b&B guests, and the price is also higher.”In recent years, liuduhe village, bohai town, adjacent to mutianyu Great Wall, Red Snail Temple and other scenic spots, vigorously develops folk tourism, Zhang Xiaorong has also witnessed the changes in the countryside.”The river has been harnessed, the dirt roads have been turned into tarmac roads, and where flowers can be grown, vegetables will not be planted.”Zhang recalls that the environment in the village has changed a lot since 2019.A better environment has brought more civilian hosts, and the opening of homestays has promoted the optimization of the village environment, enriched the tourism format, and formed a positive cycle.Zhang Xiaorong, who used to work in the Internet industry, spent a lot of time in managing b&BS.”We knocked down the original farmer’s house and started all over again. The design cost of the b&B alone was 130,000 yuan, with a total investment of 2.3 million yuan.”He introduced that the sophisticated design and furnishings of b&B also refreshed many guests’ understanding of traditional “farmhouse music”.Indoor all laid floor heating, indoor temperature reached 25 degrees, winter off-season is not “light”, repeat customers accounted for about 30%.Today, Liuduhe Village is rated as “China’s Beautiful Leisure Village”, with more than 40 b&Bs.In Bohai town, the number of b&Bs has reached more than 400.Driven by the phenomenon of whole rental of small homes or villas during the Spring Festival, this year’s national home stay industry has also shown a rising trend compared with last year.Tujia data shows that during the period from New Year’s Eve to the fifth day of the Spring Festival of 2021, both the transaction volume, the overnight volume and the unit price of guests show a rising trend compared with the same period last year, with the bookings increasing by more than 20% and the transaction volume increasing by nearly 40%.In terms of homestay reservation destinations, sanya, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Dali, Xiamen, Haikou and Shenzhen are still popular in this Spring Festival.Sanya, which tops the list of b&B transactions, has seen an increase of nearly 70% compared to 2021, making it the hottest tourist city this year, with major tourists coming from Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Harbin.Take the business circle as the center of the growth of bookings is obvious.On tujia platform, Sanya Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay business areas are expected to grow rapidly, with year-on-year growth of more than 1 times.As Haitang Bay is the location of the duty-free shop, the popularity of the business area has nearly doubled;In addition to the network red Houhai Village, Wuzhizhou Island is also popular.Some niche destinations are gaining user attention.Due to the heat spilt from Sanya, on Tujia platform, orders for b&B in Ding ‘an County of Hainan increased by more than 10 times, becoming the top niche destination area.Driven by the rise of snow and ice sports in the Winter Olympics, tonghua of Jilin province, Altay of Xinjiang Province and Baishan of Jilin province have also increased by more than two times.In the more than two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, many industries have collapsed, but the home stay industry is an exception.”Long distance travel is limited, and a lot of tourism consumption demand has shifted to the surrounding areas.Homestay, which combines accommodation, light travel and living experience, has become popular.On our platform, the speed of new b&B launches in the past two years is significantly faster than before.”At present, there are more than 2 million homestay rooms in operation on tujia platform, and there are more than 3.5 million homestay rooms nationwide, Hu said.Among them, high-end homestay has become the fastest growing market, is also the most optimistic piece of “blue ocean”.During the Spring Festival this year, the transaction volume of b&B increased by more than 30% compared with last year, and the average price of a night broke through 1,000 yuan.Zhou Cheng, the 33-year-old manager of Urumqi Leye B&B, has been operating b&B for more than 10 years.From Lijiang to Xinjiang, he witnessed the high-end development of domestic homestay.”In 2010, the annual turnover of our b&B in Lijiang was only about 200,000 yuan, less than one-tenth of the current turnover in Urumqi.”Zhou Cheng said that the original minority homestay has been accepted by more and more people, and the consumption capacity of the market is becoming stronger and stronger.Once they like the lifestyle, they often come back.There are regular customers to visit once a month, more exaggerated is to come to the shop on weekends.In the past two years, the boom of the home stay market has also driven more people into this industry.”Just along the 8km Lihua Ditch, there are about 10 new yards under renovation.”Zhang xiaorong said that the platform’s support has also driven and standardized the development of the home stay industry. “Tujia staff have visited the platform three or four times to guide the optimization of home stay information on the platform and give suggestions based on business conditions.Today, 70 percent of our orders come from Tujia.”