Public security Bureau of Baiyin held a symposium on public security political work

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Held on the morning of February 17, the municipal public security bureau of municipal public security political work symposium, communicate learning xi research work on construction work of political science and law, the party’s general secretary important indicator spirit, earnestly implement the national public security symposium, director of the central political department, the provincial public security organs, director of the political department of the discussion meeting spirit, comprehensive summary in 2021, the city’s public security political work, ZhaBai problem is insufficient,We analyzed the situation and tasks, studied and made arrangements for the political priorities of public security in 2022.Tang Sheng, deputy mayor, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, attended the meeting and made a speech. An Bin, member of the Party Committee and director of the political Department of the Municipal Public security Bureau, arranged and deployed the key political work of the municipal public security bureau in 2022.Tang sheng pointed out that the political work of public security is of strong policy and principle and involves a wide range of issues. The political work departments of the city have carried out in-depth work from the aspects of team building, working style and service guarantee, with progress and bright spots.No stressed that this year is the party and the country’s political, for public security organs and political work is of great significance and far-reaching, the city’s department of public security political work around to meet the party’s great victory at 20 twenty big spirit this article and study and implement the party’s line, active work arrangements for marking the city’s public security organs as a whole, with high sense of responsibility, strong political,We will spare no efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of ideological and political work, troop building, actual combat training, and cultural publicity, and make the public security forces more revolutionary, regular, professional, and professional.Tang Sheng demanded that political construction and police should be persisted.As the highest political principle and fundamental political rule, the “two Safeguards” have always been implemented in all aspects and the whole process of public security work.We will continue to reform and strengthen the police.Seize the golden opportunity of reform, highlight the characteristics of the public security industry, improve efficiency through reform, strengthen and benefit the police through reform.We must strictly govern the police.We will unswervingly adhere to the principle of strict discipline, resolutely fight a tough and protracted battle to govern the police with an iron fist, improve our work style and strengthen discipline, and strive to build a “four iron” police force.Adhere to cultural education police.Through the cultural education police, to build a high-quality police team, through culture to cultivate the core values of the police, police training education.To adhere to the care of warm alarm.Conscientiously implement the policies and measures for the police care and encouragement, and create a good atmosphere for working with heart, happy dedication and healthy life.At the meeting, Anbincong fully affirmed the achievements of the city’s public security political work, and made efforts to boost the self-confidence and pride of political work.We should have a clear understanding of the current situation and existing problems and strengthen our sense of responsibility and urgency in political work.In accordance with the general requirements of the Party’s political work in the new period, the key political work of the city was fully arranged from three aspects of the epochal and innovative nature of the public security political work.The meeting was presided over by Li Chengtao, deputy director of the political Department.The leaders of each county branch, the political commissar of the traffic police detachment, the head of the political department of the municipal Bureau respectively around the development of political work and the next plan to make an exchange speech.Each county branch, traffic police detachment political work department related responsible comrades and city bureau political department all police to attend the meeting.