A showdown!Randall deleted the team-related dynamic!Countdown to departure!

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A few days ago he declared his loyalty, and now he’s slapping his back in the face. What’s Randall up to?Let’s take a look at what happened on March 31, when the Knicks lost to the Hornets.The first three quarters of that game were very tense, and the Knicks’ taupin, Quakley and others desperately wanted to win, but randle gave the opposite team wide open, and the Hornets finally rallied to win 125-114.Randle finished with 21 points, five rebounds and seven assists on 7-of-16 shooting and 4-of-10 3-pointers in 36 minutes, floating from the outside to shoot.The home crowd had become so disillusioned with him that they began booing him after his team’s losing streak, his verbal abuse of his fans, his practice alone without starting introductions, his failure to celebrate with teammates after wins, and his locker room isolation.After a loss to the Hornets, Randle, who had been rumored to be traded, shot down those rumors: “I love this city.My family loves it here. I’m a Knicks.That’s what I love. I love being a Knicks player.It’s not true. It’s that simple. It’s not true.”He also talked about how he sacrificed his time with his son and how he wanted to win a championship for the team, but randle never played again because of a quadriceps injury.On April 6, Thibodeau announced that randle and Rose would be waived for the season, which was supposed to be the end of randle’s season, until last night, when anyone noticed that Randle had drastically streamlined his Instagram account.He has deleted almost all of his knicks photos, save a few with his son and Barrett, while shutting down the entire team, leaving only his wife and children on his list.This kind of operation is obvious. Usually, before a certain player is about to leave the team, he will remove the team in advance or delete the photos associated with the team before. Randall’s operation this time is undoubtedly a hint of his relationship with the team.So far this season, Randle has played in 72 games and is averaging 20.1 points, 10 rebounds and 5.1 assists per 35.3 minutes, down from last season.More worrying is that Randle’s ball bully behavior, the pick-and-roll means to go to the three-point line, began his three-point contest, the performance of the defensive end is also difficult, indirectly let this season should be playoff Knicks into the underdog, Randle is the most improved player to become a team cancer.Randle signed an early extension in 2021 for four years, $117 million, 23 years and 26 years.Given his numbers and age, Randall may not be worthless on the market;If really can trade randle away, the team can also pull out a thorn in the flesh, hope randle is a growth bar.