119 barrels of hazardous waste were finally properly disposed of

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Hundreds of iron barrels with a strong pungent smell of unidentified liquid suddenly appear to handle the case prosecutors use the “three in one” to handle the case advantage of properly handling hazardous waste environmental pollution problem has been effectively solved……On a dark night in August 2021, there was a sudden disturbance in a farm in Debaozhuang Village, Xihe Township, Damao Banner, Inner Mongolia. Two agricultural vehicles loaded with iron drums of unidentified liquid drove towards The direction of Huaishuo Town, Guyang County in the night.Reached huaishuo town two about to village guangyuan machinery factory gate, the car down five people hurriedly pushed 98 iron barrels off, that night, in Huaishuo town another abandoned plant, and 21 iron barrels abandoned after leaving.A few days later, the pungent smell that continued to emanate from some of the barrels alerted nearby villagers.After receiving the report, the environmental protection department investigated the scene and registered the investigation in accordance with the law. It found that the scene smelled strongly and pungent, and many places of land were contaminated by the traces of unknown liquid.As a result of carelessly discarded pile up, unattended, did not take effective measures to properly dispose, has caused serious pollution to the surrounding ecological environment.After they learned clues guyang county people’s procuratorate, on the basis of the mechanism of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice cohesion and collaboration, immediately sends prosecutor in the case, and in conjunction with the public security organ, the environmental protection departments to analyze the case, a preliminary judge whether this is a serious environmental pollution case, may be involved in criminal, prosecutors proposed the next step towards specific opinion guiding investigation of cases.After the tripartite joint meeting to follow up and supervise, the county ecological environment sub-bureau of the hazardous waste for part of the extraction and testing determined as hazardous waste, and suspected of environmental pollution criminal clues transferred to the public security organs.Public security organs after investigation found that in the spring of 2020, the suspect Liu so-and-so in Baotou Damao banner and fellow partners, ready to produce organic fertilizer in the name of the production of chemical products called “rubber additives” without a license.In the process that builds production line and reserve raw material, yan mou of countryman car carries iron bucket to pack chemical, tell Liu so-and-so this material is “four chlorobenzene”.Since then, the “tetrachlorobenzene” has been stored at the above site.In December of the same year, Liu’s illegal production line was investigated by damao Banner Environmental Protection Bureau, and “tetrachlorobenzene” was found.Since then, Damao Flag environmental Protection bureau has been asked Liu so-and-so as soon as possible to remove the production line, the “tetrachlorobenzene” harmless treatment, but Liu so-and-so to consider the cost is huge, has not started.By chance, Liu drove past the industrial park in Baotou City, Guyang County Huaishuo Town, Eryodi village north, came up with the idea of dumping “tetrachlorobenzene” in the park.Subsequently, Liu carried out the crime after planning to organize his children and relatives to drive a freight vehicle from Hohhot city to his rented space with tools.After the case entered the stage of criminal investigation, guyang county people’s procuratorate with county public security bureau, county ecological environment bureau have held, association, meeting, to strengthen cooperation with, play the “three inspection” early intervention in criminal case detection function, guide the public security organs in accordance with the standard fixed extracting evidence, grasping the direction of forensics.After the integrated handling of the case, the public security organs soon arrested liu and other two people suspected of environmental pollution, and the other three people involved in the case have surrendered.Block at the same time, as the fastest will pollution sources, protect the life safety and the environment from pollution, guyang county people’s procuratorate docking with the county ecological environment bureau, county public security bureau, extraction test, investigation immediately fixed evidence and organize professional organizations quickly removed the safety hazards site disposal problems start consultation mechanism, consultation opinions supervise and urge the rectification,County ecological environment branch attaches great importance to and will strive for funds as soon as possible.However, in the subsequent follow-up, the Guyang County Procuratorate found that the hazardous waste was not disposed of in time and the pollution continued, so it immediately started the procuratorial suggestion procedure for public interest litigation, defined the responsibility subjects, promoted the administration according to law through public hearings, and promptly held public hearings for public interest litigation cases, in order to help the ecological environment department perform its duties.The public hearing and hearing opinions will be reported to the main leaders of the county government in a timely manner, and strive for the attention and support of the county government. The Guyang County government then instructed the Huaishuo Town government to cooperate with the county ecological environment branch to set up protective sheds, increase warning signs and other emergency measures in the first time to avoid secondary disasters.On December 27, 2021, after a series of preparatory work such as full demonstration in the early stage, hiring professional institutions, contacting enterprises with hazardous waste treatment qualifications, led by the county Ecological environment Sub-bureau, the county public Security Bureau, and the county Procuratorate on-site supervision, centralized cleaning of hazardous waste near Eryodi Village, Huaishuo Town.A total of 119 barrels of hazardous waste were transported to relevant enterprises for harmless treatment.At the same time, special agencies will carry out monitoring and identification of ecological and environmental damage to soil pollution in this area.At present, the criminal part of the case has entered the proceedings, the procuratorate to plead guilty and has taken the initiative to compensate part of the early hazardous waste treatment costs of the criminal suspect Liu xx made a decision not to arrest the constitution.The case is being further handled, huaishuo Town eryuodi village hazardous waste pollution problem has been effectively solved.Text: Yang Jianjun Editor: Zhang Shuai Review: Zhang Xin