Zhou Shouwei died on the battlefield, And Pang Chunmei returned to her bed

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To the last two back, Lanling xiaosheng opened a fast mode, write a dead four, and account for the whereabouts of three characters.Chen Jingji died, Pang Chunmei, Ge Cuiping grief, according to the regulations sent to the burial, he was buried in the yongfu temple behind the mountain.Yongfu Temple is a place where the dead are buried, not yizhuang.Only two people in the book could not be buried in their ancestral graves, pan Jinlian, who died six years ago, and Chen Jingji.Pan Jinlian can not be buried in the west gate house ancestral grave, is Wu Yueniang in trouble;But the Chen family has ancestral graves, parents are buried there, and the Chen family still has his mother’s uncle alive, but also like Pan Jinlian this wandering soul wild ghost buried in the yongfu temple back hill.It’s an art work, and the details are boring.Lonely, miserable and desolate a tomb, and finally to accompany people, Pan Jinlian and Chen Jingji can not live together, death is also calculated with the hole and place.This is the author’s ingenious conception, can arouse the reader more regrets and sighs, in the future every lonely night, Pan Jinlian need not be alone in pile loess.Chen Jingji’s death also has many people sad, but the most sad is not spring mei and Ge Cuiping.Since I heard the death, that is just a few degrees of romance han Ai sister performance is jaw-dropping: Wang Liuer couple advised to no avail, Han Ai sister heart as long as the zhou government and Chen Jingji see the last side.Han Dao could not, had to go to the Zhou government for information.Knowing that Chen Jingji had been buried, they buried him in the hill behind Yongfu Temple.Han Ai sister only hate not to see his last side, crying, not to burn paper to his grave cry.The old couple was so clumsy that they hired a sedan chair to send her to Chen Jingji’s grave.”My brother,” she cried, “I really want to grow old with you. I don’t want you to die today.”Without saying a word, he fell to the grave and fainted.Han Dao country and Wang Liuer came forward to rescue, Han Ai sister just did not respond.At this time there are two sedan chair line, spring mei and GeCuiping has come down, the scene was also surprised to stay.Originally today is the third day of burial, the offering, two people come to see a young and beautiful woman, easily, cry and die in the grave of Chen Jingji.Called Korea to ask, the original is many years ago spring mei had seen Han Ai sister.Han Ai elder sister had been sent to Tokyo to zhai housekeeper concubine, had been sent to the West gate house for a few days, spring mei also vaguely remember.Han said, My daughter used to be friends with Chen for a while. When SHE heard that he was dead, she came to burn some paper.And Chen Jingji had crossed Han Ai sister dizzy to death for a long time, it just woke up, toward Pang Chunmei and GeCuiping candle like knock four head said: “slave and he is husband and wife, but he also had to slave vows of eternal love, who knows the day failed to meet people’s wishes, and died today.The slave always knew that he had a lady in the house, and was only willing to be small.He also exchanged tokens with me in the past. Sisters who do not believe me, please look!”He took out a brocade handkerchief, on which was a love poem written by Chen Jingji: “The slave also gave him a sachet embroidered with a lotus flower, on which was embroidered the words’ to your lover Chen Jun’s knee ‘.”Chun Mei turned to Ge Cuiping and asked, “Why don’t you see this sachet?”Ge Cuiping said, “He was buried with him.”It will be late, Wang Liuer urged Han Ai sister to get up and go home.Sister Han Ai knelt on the ground and said to Pang Chunmei and Ge Cuiping with tears streaming down her cheeks, “The slave would rather not follow his parents. He would like to celebrate the festival with his sisters. When he dies, he will be buried with him as his wife and child.”Ge Cuiping did not speak, but Chunmei sighed: “You are young, but I am afraid you can not keep it.”Han ae said, What does grandma say?Even if ku ku mu broken nose will also when shou jie, swear no longer with others!”Then he turned to Wang And his wife and said, “Go home. I will go back to his house with my grandma and sister to celebrate his festival.”But Wang Refused and cried out, “We rescued you from the den of dragons and tigers, and now you want to desert me again?”Sister Han ai shook her head and said, “I won’t go back. If I’m forced to go back, I’m just looking for a short-sighted solution!”Han Daoguo saw her resolute as iron, could not help but cry a relative cry with Wang Liuer, shed tears and leave.Don’t say Han Love elder sister and spring Mege Cui screen back to the control house;But that Wang Liuer all the way to cry again and again, just reluctant to daughter…It was always said that Chen jingji had a ‘meeting of three wives’, but they never appeared together.Today, Chen Jingji died, and the real ‘association of three wives’ finally tested Ye Tou Tuo’s mayi divination.After a man’s death, with such a conservative lineup, so many women grieving for him, such treatment has exceeded the vast majority of men, it is hard to say that Chen Jingji is nothing.Although Ge Cuiping and Han Aijie may grieve more than Pang chunmei, they are not the main characters.Pang Chunmei is not only sad, lost far more than a Chen Jingji;She had been in the West door the most nostalgia of the beautiful with the death of Chen Jingji, the last trace can be grasped in the hand of the memory has vanished into thin air.After Li Bottle son dies, Ximen qing heart dies, alive is like sexual love to ask for machine, do not pick not to pick up, regardless of the face also do not want the body, just seek the comfort of a moment on the bed, until the fast death!After The death of Pan Jinlian, Pang Chunmei also with Ximen Qing general, the heart died more than half, because Chen Jingji body still has pan Jinlian’s shadow, she can also live like chicken ribs, for Chen Jingji selfless pay, let him live well as a memorial.But Chen Jingji also died, spring plum at this time like the west door of the qing dynasty, alive what is left?Han Ai elder sister and Ge Cuiping in filial piety;Pang Chunmei could not keep it, she ordered the servant girl to give Li an some of her own clothes and silver for her, the purpose is very clear.Li Ang is not a fool, dare not pick up, pick up but not throw bosom send embrace, turn head to escape from the government far toward qingzhou to go to uncle Shandong Night fork Li GUI.Become angry in the heart of Spring plum also do nothing, changed target then, seduce the son of zhou Zhong of old steward — the Zhou Yi of 19 years old clear and beautiful features.All day and all night, a secret affair.Time continued to flow. As soon as the Great Jin in the far north had allied with the Great Song to destroy the Liao, it turned around and attacked the Great Song in two ways. The border pass was soon broken.At this time, The old Emperor Huizong of Song dynasty had just abdicated. He almost pushed his son Qinzong to the position of emperor and became the supreme Emperor himself.He immediately issued an edict ordering soldiers and horses to work for the king and resist the Jin army.Zhou Tongzhi was one of them. Just as he arrived near the Gaoyang Pass, he met the troops of the State of Jin.Zhou controlled the lofty mood, ordered the pursuit, do not want to wind with yellow sand everywhere, blocked sight;The dry horse turned around, shot an arrow, and zhou ruled the throat, fell off the horse and died!The imperial court decreed: the title of the governor, his son MOE Yin zu.In the book, the man who shot Zhou Xiu is called Jin Jun general, which is a misspelling of transliteration.In fact, he should be called Wanyan Zongwang, whose courtesy name was Pinglu Bu. He was the second son of Emperor Wanyan Aguda of the Jin State. He was also a great general, brave and resourceful.He captured the imperial capital of the Song Dynasty, Tokyo Bianliang, and captured emperor Huizong and Emperor Qinzong during world War I.Besides, Zhou Xiu, who died in battle, was only forty-seven years old.Zhou Xiu’s brother, Zhou Xuan, was in charge of external affairs.Pang Chunmei, like Wu Yueniang, was widowed.But she still has a beautiful little boy Zhou Yi, indoorsy is her territory, day and night without zhou Yi xuan whoredom, however how long, got unexpectedly.Eating less, taking pills all day long, becoming scrawny, but still with Zhou Yi’s pleasures.One day in June, just over the birthday, then died in zhou Yi’s body!Two ye Zhou Xuan took Zhou Yi, and disorderly stick killed, for fear of adultery exposure caused Jin Elder brother grow up can not attack the position, had to hide down, will still Pang Chunmei and Zhou Xiu buried in a place.Pang Chunmei got this, later research is also a bacterial infection, the effect on the bone.Pang Chunmei was judged to have died on a man, which is also appropriate.The last time pang Chunmei, who was still alive, died in just a few dozen words, which made him feel as if she had ended hastily.When I first read “The Plum in the Golden Ping”, I could hardly believe it. I could hardly believe that Pang Chunmei would finally die in such a sloppy manner, without even a transitional plot, which was quite different from the meticulous writing style of the author.There has been a debate in the jin community about who in the book most resembles Ximen Qing.The primus had always thought that the man whose disposition and manners most resembled Those of Ximenqing was Dai Ann;But if you choose a woman, and The most similar to Xi Menqing can only be Pang Chunmei.They are the representative of bad image, but they have for a love of the mood, only to die quickly.How many people in this world have to live with another person?How many of you have a loved one in your heart that can’t be replaced?How many people completely lose the meaning of life because of the loss of another person?Probably not much.Write here, the end of the characters also confessed almost, leaving only Wu Yueniang and han Daoguo.Under jin Jun iron riding, central plains everywhere slaughter, their fate will be how?Please read the last chapter tomorrow.”The Plum in the Golden Ping” was almost finished, but “A Dream of Red Mansions” was not ready.Please follow @Xiaoqi reading  need your support, thank you!Previous article link: “Baihua Jin Ping Mei” link total post, the 1st back to the 231st back, click on direct reading