Pian if jing Hong, wan if you dragon, yu Sheng knot string: due to asthma on the ice, with efforts to shine in the world

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“Pian if jing hong, wan if you dragon.”This phrase was originally used to describe the beautiful posture of the Goddess Luoshui in Cao Zhi’s Ode to the Goddess of Luo. However, during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, CCTV commentator Chen Ying used this phrase to praise yuzuru Hanyu, a Japanese figure skater who won four consecutive world Figure skating finals.Young Aspire to Yuanyu yuanyu was born in Sendai, Japan on December 7, 1994, his father named him “Yuanyu” one because his constellation is Sagittarius, and the other is to hope that his life can be as relaxed as a bow.Under the care of his parents, Yuzuru Hanyu grew up healthily, but the good times did not last long. When he was 2 years old, he suddenly suffered from asthma, which not only kept coughing day and night, but even became so severe that he could not breathe.Yuzuru Hanyu’s parents saw the pain in their eyes and decided to give him some exercise to strengthen his body.After many comparisons and choices, yuzuru Hanyu’s parents finally sent him to a skating rink when he was 4 years old to learn how to skate.It didn’t take long for the coach to notice that Hanyu was both physically and flexible, and that he had an unflinchable attitude and wanted him to work on it.Young Yuzuru Hanyu was interested at first, but practicing skating day after day was too tiring and boring for Hanyu.Gradually hanyu grew tired of skating.According to his coach at the time, hanyu would lose concentration within the first five minutes of each practice.Another reason was that Hanyu’s father was an adviser to the school baseball team, which was the dream of every Japanese boy at that age, and hanyu wanted to give up skating for baseball.Once, in his third or fourth grade, Hanyu told his father in earnest that he had grown tired of practicing skating and didn’t want to continue.Yuzuru Hanyu, 4, was skating with his sister when his father said, “Baseball doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you hate skating, you can just give it up.”Hanyu was then given time to think and make his own decision, and promised to reply to everyone when he had thought about it.While accepting Hanyu’s discouragement, his father gave hanyu the choice back.This gave Hanyu a chance to calm down and “think about life” on his own.After some reflection, Hanyu gave his final answer: “I’m going to keep skating.”Since then, Hanyu’s own and his family’s attitude toward skating has changed. His father is no longer around to urge hanyu, saying, ‘Hang in there, practice a little more.But become silent guard position, accompany beside him to say: ah, very hard!More importantly, hanyu won’t be tempted to give up again when he’s having a hard time because it’s his own choice.Hanyu’s ambition to become a figure skater was strengthened when he happened to see Plushenko of Russia competing on TELEVISION.In 2004, at age 10, Yuzuru Hanyu took part in her first National competition in Japan, winning a gold medal in group B.Hanyu had the same hairstyle as his idol Plushenko and held the trophy in the same pose.Three years later, Hanyu won the A division at the Junior figure skating competition in Japan and earned A bronze medal at the Junior Figure skating Championships in Japan.In 2009, yuzuru Hanyu won the ISU youth skating Championship at the age of 15. He also met his idol, Plushenko.Plushenko had heard of him before, and after the two exchanged greetings, plushenko told him, “If you can beat me, you will have your time.”That touched Hanyu, who knew plushenko had never won less than a silver medal as an adult at age 18, and that he would have to do more if he wanted to truly surpass his idol.In 2010, Yuzuru Hanyu began his career in the adult group.Entering the adult group, Hanyu continued to set new best records in the competition, leading him to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, an event he had been looking forward to, where he could compete against his idol and prove himself to his idol as well as the world.But Plushenko didn’t compete that year, and Yuzuru Hanyu won by five points, becoming the youngest men’s singles gold medalist in 66 years at the Winter Olympics.Yuzuru Hanyu’s path to figure skating hasn’t been smooth either, with some major setbacks along the way.On November 8, 2014, Yuzuru Hanyu competed in the men’s singles free skating competition at the China Cup in Shanghai.But in a shocking scene during the warm-up, Hanyu and China’s Yan Han collided unexpectedly and flew out.Hanyu suffered injuries to his head, jaw, abdomen and left leg, leaving a gash on his head and spilling blood on the court.But after treating the wound, everyone thought he would leave the stage, he gritted his teeth, turned around and only said, Jump!In four and a half minutes, he fell eight times and almost couldn’t stand up.For him, standing on the field, as long as he can get up, he will never say give up.Because that’s what he’s trying so hard to hold on to.Hanyu’s tenacious performance won cheers and moved the audience.In interviews with reporters, Yuzuru Hanyu often blames his mother for his success.Yuzuru hanyu’s mother yumi is a gentle person, but when the four-year-old tried to give up skating, she objected: “Yuzuru will fly to the world in the future. She can’t just give up here.”To help save money at home, Yumi sews her son’s Kosten.For example, the little Strawberry is often seen in the competition, and the Costen she wore in the performance of White Bird Lake at the Sochi Winter Olympics were all sewn by Mei herself.In addition to supporting her son materially, Yumi is also hanyu’s spiritual anchor.After the March 11 earthquake in Japan, Yuzuru Hanyu lost confidence in skating and suffered from “survivor syndrome”. It was his mother who helped him adjust his mentality and stand on the track again, bringing more amazing dancing to the world.Yuzuru Hanyu’s mother is also the one who “knocks” him down to earth once in a while.At the 2012 World Championships, for example, Yuzuru Hanyu broke his best time with a difficult routine despite injuring his foot in practice.Yuzuru hanyu felt good about himself after the race and felt it was all his own efforts, but his mother told him, “It’s your own fault that you got hurt. You’ve reached this point because of the help and support of many people.”It is thanks to his mother’s hard work that Hanyu has achieved his current achievements. Even his coach admits that Yumi has given hanyu great help and encouragement in both life and spirit.Yuzuru Hanyu defined his mother as “a ‘comrade-in-arms’ who fought with me all the time”.Yuzuru Hanyu as a figure skater, in addition to the subtle movements, external image is also very important.Although his mother sews kosten for him, he still needs a professional designer to customize kosten. Satomi ITO is the designer behind Yuzuru Hanyu, and some people call her “the one who holds the most beautiful boy on ice in one hand”.In fact, Satomi ITO started to engage in the design and production of figure skating clothes after she resigned at the age of 26. In addition to Yuzuru Hanyu, there are many famous Japanese players’ clothes are customized by her, such as Uno Masato, Miyahara And others.While A Kirsten outfit can take two to three months to design and make, Ms. ITO often makes clothes for eight to 10 people a month at the same time, making almost all the decor herself.Satomi ITO and Yuzuru Hanyu first worked together in 2014, when Yuzuru Hanyu wore a kosten hand-sewn by Satomi ITO at the figure skating grand Prix show after the final.”Yuzuru Hanyu is more of a designer than anyone else,” she says. “I just made the finished product out of his designs.”Yuzuru Hanyu has very high requirements for each of his kosten pieces, and must be able to express the theme and meaning of each match.With The beautiful hands of Satoshi ITO, we can see the elvish yuanyu in the arena.In order for Hanyu to be able to move better, ITO needs to watch the weight of her clothes, generally keeping them under 850 grams.It will also control the left and right weight of the clothes, so as to prevent the deviation of the center of gravity of the contestant when jumping and rotating due to the difference of the left and right weight, which will affect the final effect.Yuzuru Hanyu will compete in the men’s single figure skating competition as the Japan Skating Association announced its team for the Beijing Winter Olympics on December 27, 2021.Here, I would like to quote Chen Ying’s explanation as the end of this article: “I am lucky to know your peach blossom surface, and from then on, how warm the spring is.We are very lucky to have met Yuzuru Hanyu at his best age.Time to cross, eyebrows into a book, from now on our deep feeling will not be disappointed.Each youth will be old, but there will always be a place for Hanyu in our memory.One’s greatest achievement is not to surpass others, but to surpass oneself. “I believe yuzuru Hanyu will surpass himself again and achieve greater brilliance in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Let’s look forward to that day.# Hanyu Yuanyu #, # Winter Olympics #, # Figure Skating #