Liangzhou District Zhang Yi town for the people rich road rural industry xing

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The key to rural revitalization lies in industry.This winter, liangzhou district ZhangYi Town adhere to the “3” high orientation and firm confidence, going all out, adhere to the “winter for Xia Gan”, cohesion force to the greatest extent, integration of funds resources, effort continues to consolidate the development crucial achievements, promote the implementation of rural poverty reveal new as the revitalization of the new journey, comprehensively promote the whole town high quality economic and social development.At present, the cold wind outside, freezing, in The town of Zhang Yizhen Liu Zhuang village to shrink the site of breeding industrial park, is a busy scene.The industrial park, which will allow farmers to continue to increase their income and carry the hopes of the villagers in Liuzhuang Village, is under construction.The reason why the construction of the breeding industrial park in liuzhuang Village has been supported by the majority of villagers lies in the fact that the village Party branch has explored a set of effective operation mode of the industrial park, which has greatly stimulated the confidence and determination of the resettlement farmers to develop the breeding industry.Liu Guopeng, secretary of the Party Branch and director of the village committee of Liuzhuang Village, introduced to the author:”The ‘two Committees’ of our village took the lead in establishing 4 cooperatives. The cooperatives borrowed 12 million yuan to purchase a batch of beef cattle, divided 10 heads for each household for resettlement, and allowed them to feed themselves for three years to gain profits. If there is no labor to feed, they can also be fed by our cooperative and receive dividends at the end of the year.Three years later, if the resettlement farmers think that they have considerable income and are suitable for developing beef cattle breeding industry, they can purchase the 10 beef cattle again.The purpose of implementing such an operation mode is to find the right industries to enrich and increase income for farmers and improve their quality of life.”The contraction of the settlement breeding Industrial park in Liuzhuang Village, Zhangyi Town, is an industrial development project that the town strives to build “characteristic industrial belt along the mountain”, develops “10+N” dominant industries according to local conditions, and actively plans and builds industrial development projects based on actual conditions. It is an important measure to consolidate and expand the effective connection between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.The park covers an area of 62.41 mu and plans to invest 23,739,300 yuan to build 13,515 square meters of 4 cowsheds. The park pays the rental fee to the village collective every year to strengthen the village collective economy. At the same time, it takes the cooperative as the bond to drive farmers to the park to breed basic cows and realize the development goal of agro-enterprise cooperation and win-win situation.”After completion, the park will give full play to the production potential of surplus rural labor force. It is estimated that 900 high-quality calves will be provided to the market every year. The annual profit of the park will reach 5.9 million yuan, and each farmer who enters the park can earn about 60,000 yuan.”Liu Guopeng said.If industries are not implemented, development will fail.Let farmer as soon as possible rich, is in recent years zhang Yi town party committee government considers the most problem.The town on farmers demand of industrial development, scientific planning layout, market-oriented, relying on land circulation, break the schiscosomiasis boundaries, adhere to the “for market and restructuring”, adhere to the “leading enterprises,”, adhere to the “tree brand, billiton market”, adhere to the “innovation, service”, strive for the characteristic industry bigger and stronger, strive to achieve industry rich peasants,Zhang Yi’s new scroll of prosperous industry, beautiful countryside and rich farmers in the new era was painted with high spirits.”In 2022, Zhangyi Town will continue to focus on the development ideas of ‘grasping industry, improving style, strengthening foundation, beautifying environment and protecting ecology’, and vigorously develop industries in accordance with six aspects of ‘strengthening potato industry, excellent vegetable industry, expanding pharmaceutical industry, adjusting sheep industry, improving cattle industry and consolidating facility agriculture’.”Chen Jinhu, party secretary of Zhangyi Town, said, “At present, there have been 15 demonstration bases for agricultural industry planting, 23,980 mu of land has been transferred, and a cow farm is under construction.”