Heilongjiang provincial bureau of Education issued another notice, ushered in a major adjustment, there is bad news

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Heilongjiang is a big province in northeast China.As a heavy industry base in China, Heilongjiang has a very good strength in machinery, oil and other industries, so it has got a good economic construction.Heilongjiang has a long history and culture, since ancient times has been China’s indispensable an important area.At the same time, Heilongjiang also has hengtou Mountain, Jingbo Lake and other tourism resources, is also attracting countless people to go.Heilongjiang education resources so that the superior conditions, but also let the heilongjiang education have made great progress and development, the province’s colleges and universities, such as Harbin industrial university, Harbin engineering university school, strength is very strong, not only in their respective fields, but also in the mouth of the students are all top colleges and universities.In the twinkling of an eye time has come to the year, distance from school is also only a short period of time.By now, parents have returned to work and students are about to start a new semester.At present, many regions have already started school, but heilongjiang has not yet started school due to climate reasons.Today, several places in Heilongjiang have adjusted the opening time. Let’s take a look.Let’s take a look at primary and secondary schools in some areas of Heilongjiang province, which have made a new adjustment to the start of the school year, making it later.Harbin: The city’s primary and secondary schools will open on March 1, 2022, and senior high schools are not allowed to open earlier.Daqing: The opening date of compulsory education is February 28, 2022, and the opening date of senior high school is February 25, 2022.Suihua: The opening date of primary and secondary schools in the city has been postponed to March 1, 2022.Then there are the colleges.Compared with primary and secondary schools, college students are very happy, not only have earlier holidays, but also start school later.As most of the college students are students from other places, so the time to return to school is generally relatively late.Harbin University of Science and Technology: The opening time is From February 26 to 28, 2022, and students will return to school in batches.Heilongjiang University: Semester starts from February 26 to 27, 2022. Students need to prepare and arrange nucleic acid certificates before returning to school.There is also bad news. However, due to special circumstances, the winter vacation of this year is relatively late, including the third and third grades can not be opened in advance as in previous years, which also leads to many parents very worried about whether the class progress of students will be affected.A late start will inevitably force many schools to speed up classes, leaving many students behind.It is because of these reasons that students should learn knowledge seriously during the winter vacation, and don’t fall off the team after the school term.I have words also hope that you students in the new semester to achieve a better academic performance, to achieve a better outcome.For more exciting content, come to the education Jade Seal