Fire linkage control equipment, grade I fire engineer

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Fire linkage control equipment, fire linkage control equipment can be all kinds of fire facilities and equipment state information transmission to the graphic display device;Can control and display all kinds of fire facilities power supply working state, all kinds of equipment and components of the start/stop running state and fault state, display with control function, signal feedback function of the valve, monitoring device normal working state and action state;Can control the automatic control, remote control function of fire equipment start/stop, and receive its feedback signal.[Monitoring requirements for fire control equipment]1) Monitor and display the operating status information of fire control facilities, and transmit corresponding information to the urban fire remote monitoring center.2) Keep necessary text and electronic materials, store relevant fire safety management information, and timely transmit fire safety management information to the monitoring center.3) Large building groups should set up two or more fire control rooms according to their different building functional requirements, fire risk characteristics and fire safety monitoring needs, and determine the main fire control room and sub-fire control room, so as to realize the decentralized and centralized fire safety monitoring mode.4) The fire control equipment in the main fire control room can control the common fire control equipment in the system, display its status information, and display the status information of the fire control equipment in each fire control room, with the control function of the fire control equipment in the fire control room and the fire control system and equipment it controls.5) The fire equipment in each sub-fire control room can transmit and display status information to each other, but cannot control the fire equipment.[Fire Control Room emergency handling procedures]