Early spring stir-fry “combined dishes”, these six ingredients together, zha are not tired of eating, meaning family harmony and beauty

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Early spring stir-fry “combined dishes”, these six ingredients together, zha are not tired of eating, meaning family harmony and beauty.”Spring spring dish thin lettuce, suddenly recall two Beijing plum hair.”In Beijing, when spring comes, people will eat the seasonal dish “stir-fried vegetable”. You can taste all kinds of naturally growing vegetables, such as bean sprouts, leeks, spring shoots, garlic shoots, etc., to help grow hair and satisfy your appetite with a bite of fresh spring food.In addition, “He” and “he” in Chinese cuisine have the same pronunciation. In the eyes of traditional Beijingers, a stir-fried “he” with several ingredients combined with spring cakes symbolizes the happiness of the whole family in the New Year, harmony and harmony.Therefore, fresh, crisp and delicious stir-fried dishes are popular in early spring. Nowadays, not only in Beijing, but also in many places, people eat “spring rolls” and “combined dishes” with their families.Old Beijing’s “fried vegetables” some exquisite, want to eat a season, look forward to the spring is the first mouthful, natural careless not, select food materials are season and newly listed food materials, the first spring leek, just unripe bean sprouts, still have tender spinach, two or three can do a dish.While we make our own dishes at home, we can choose a variety of fresh vegetables to match, although the ingredients are different, but the approach is similar.Today share a Fried dish, saddled 6 sample ingredients, meat producers, simple can fry pan, at the same time, can deserve to go up some pancakes, sweet sauce, spring onion, millet gruel, eat together, fresh scent flavor, adult children love, food clip in the bread rolls, eat three or four at a time, stirring, the zha don’t feel to eat greasy, can say,It’s a real bite of spring in your mouth, so take it away if you like.Ingredients: 150g of soybean sprouts, 100g of pork tenderloin, 100g of leek, 100g of carrot, 30g of vermicelline, 1 egg.Ingredients: light soy sauce 3 teaspoons, sesame oil 2 teaspoons, water starch 1 teaspoons, a little salt, leeks, garlic, ginger and cooking oil each appropriate amount.The first step, we will first cut vermicelli into small sections, put in a bowl to soak it with boiling water, until the vermicelli completely soft, bubble to 70 or 80 mature can be.Step 2: Put the eggs into a bowl, add water and starch and stir to form egg mixture. Heat the pan with oil and fry the eggs on low heat until golden brown on both sides. Turn off the heat and set aside to cool.Step 3, wash and drain the soybean sprouts, wash and cut the root of the leek into segments, shred the tenderloin, shred the carrots, shred the egg cake, shred the green onion, slice the garlic, and shred the ginger.Leek, carrot, tenderloin, omelette all cut into bean sprout length.Step 4: Heat up the wok with oil and pour in the oil. Add in the fillet pork and stir-fry over medium heat until it turns brown. Add in the chopped scallions, ginger and garlic slices and stir-fry until fragrant.Add light soy sauce and season with salt. Turn to high heat and stir-fry for 1 minute until the bean sprouts are almost cooked.The sixth step, remove the vermicle to drain into the pot, then put leek section, carrot, egg, fire stir fry for 2 minutes, drop in sesame oil stir fry well can turn off the fire, the fried dishes out of the plate is done.Tip: The vermicelli can take up to half an hour to soak, so you can save cooking time by soaking them before making the dish.Make sure to remove the shell when washing the bean sprouts, otherwise it will affect the taste of the dish. Put it in water and the shell will float automatically. Just skim it off with a sieve spoon.Water starch is put in egg to have advantage, it is fried when egg cake not easily turn rotten, 2 it is fried good egg cake is softer and tender.I am with food company, very happy to meet you here, welcome to pay attention to, most of the daily food for you to share, please also more corrections, thank you for reading, wish you a happy life, we will see you next time.