They are husband and wife and comrade-in-arms in the front line of the battle against “epidemic” in Hangzhou

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At noon on the second day of the Chinese New Year, liu Rongzhu, a sanitation worker of gongshu Municipal Company in Hangzhou, took a photo with her husband in a hurry. “I have been on duty for three consecutive days during the Spring Festival holiday.I was so busy in the past two days. Today I finally have time to take a group photo and send it to my family and record our Spring Festival.”Liu Rongzhu said.Liu Rongzhu, 50, from Quzhou, has been in Hangzhou for 14 years.Her job is responsible for gongshu District Zhaohui a sanitation work.At 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon of January 30, Liu Rongzhu, as the monitor of the class, received a sudden notice: the sanitation workers rushed to the West Lake cultural Square, there was a batch of supplies waiting for loading.”We don’t know exactly what it is.I immediately gathered a group of sanitation workers on duty.”Liu Rongzhu recalled, a notice down, we have taken the initiative to sign up.In order to let the masses of isolation point can have a warm Spring Festival, Gongshu district prepared milk, fruit, nuts and other kinds of New Year goods, but the materials need to be loaded to the designated isolation point.When all the supplies are in place, less than 24 hours from the New Year’s Eve dinner, time is pressing, from 3 o ‘clock, more than 60 volunteers from the sanitation, municipal roads, drainage work non-stop, for more than 20 cars loading.Liu Rongzhu and her husband, who also signed up to carry supplies, were busy for nine hours before calling it a day.It was 1:30 in the morning on New Year’s Eve when they returned to their home in the middle of the mountain.Not long rest, the next morning at 4 o ‘clock, they hurried off to the post.Liu rongzhu said that the medical staff in the fight against COVID-19 are the hardest, and never thought that one day they would be able to participate.”It is also to contribute to hangzhou’s fight against the epidemic.””She said contentedly.This is a special family photo.Baymax in the photo is Wang Fang, a community worker in Mishixiang street, and Xiao LAN is his lover Liu Xinyu, a community worker in Shentangqiao street.In the past, the young couple would go out together and take some beautiful photos, but the sudden outbreak disrupted their original plan.On New Year’s Eve, the street organized the nucleic acid test sampling work in the key community. The two of them soon joined the team and have been working continuously until now.Wang Fang as the information registrar incarnate as “Baymax”, Liu Xinyu as “little Blue”, responsible for staff information communication, material allocation, etc., busy.On the first day of the lunar New Year, Liu xinyu led a resident to register at Wang fang’s office. Colleagues around him snapped the photo and it became the most special photo of the couple in “lovers’ clothes”.”Dad, I’m eating, I wish you peace, I was so worried about you.”Zhang Rihui, who has not seen his 7-year-old daughter for three days, is video chatting with her on his mobile phone. “I really want to hug her, but my wife and I are both members of the community, so we have to let the elderly take care of her…”Put down the phone zhang Rihui in front of the camera as well as thinking, in a hurry disappeared in the night.Zhang Rihui is a community secretary in the west of Daguan Street, this is his third street patrol today, while zhang Rihui began to calculate the “epidemic prevention account” : in order to epidemic prevention, the community urgently purchased 10 tents, 100 sets of protective clothing, 20 boxes of milk…In order to prevent the epidemic, the community visited 15 isolated households and inspected 112 shops along the street for rectification…In order to prevent the epidemic, we launched 9 urban streets on-the-job party cadres, mobilized 107 community party members backbone, resident group leader.A steady stream of data from Zhang Rihui’s mouth.”I’m sure things will get better soon!”Zhang Rihui said with a smile.Zhang rihui’s wife Ding Xiaochu is the party secretary of Miyuqiao Community, hushu Street. Her main tasks include tracing the source of flow, nucleic acid sampling, transport closed-loop, social meeting control, volunteer recruitment and operation, and caring for the isolated objects.On New Year’s Eve, she posted a picture of her New Year’s Eve dinner delivered on the street in her family’s wechat group, only to find that her dishes were “in conflict” with her lover’s. This “little happiness” in the fight against epidemic prevention made her feel that the night was no longer so cold.She said that as long as the haze of the epidemic can be dispersed as soon as possible, as the leader of the community, she is willing to pay, willing to fight!Hu Zhenyu is the core member of the flow adjustment team in Chaoming Street, mainly responsible for the heavy task of data verification. The office phone never stops. He plays several “roles”, including flow adjuster, operator, policy interpreter, data collator and emotional pacifier.His wife Xiao Fengyan is the fifth grid long street lane community, also busy in the community epidemic front.The couple fought the epidemic hand in hand, and the children at home could only be taken care of by the elderly.She said, has not been back home for many years, strange miss home.However, as a community worker, what I care most about now is the residents in the grid who are isolated at home. I will spend this extraordinary Spring Festival together with them.There are still many comrades like them fighting side by side at the front line of the anti-epidemic villa.Let’s salute them!Valid Unions: They were Strong partners in the Fight..Editor Wu Yingqiu)