Settle!From today, zhaoqing nucleic acid testing price again!

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Settle!April 8, zhaoqing nucleic acid testing price again!In order to adapt to the changing situation of novel Coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control, reduce the cost of large-scale nucleic acid screening and high-frequency testing, and better serve the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the state and province, Zhaoqing will implement the latest price of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test from April 8.Pricing details nucleic acid single single inspection will be coronavirus nucleic acid single sample inspection service charge price fell to a 20 yuan per person service and the reagent cost sum shall not exceed more than 28 yuan per dose nucleic acid mixed check the nucleic acid hybrid testing unified price fell to a 6 yuan each antigen detection antigen detection service charge price down to 5 yuan per dose detection services and reagent cost sum shall not exceed 15 yuan / / per personThe above prices do not distinguish between the types and grades of medical institutions, the general rapid test and the proportion of mixed tests. The price shall not rise and there is no limit to decrease. The price of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid and antigen test reagents shall be subject to the price of the selected products actually purchased from the collective collection.Medical institutions shall not charge outpatient fees for nucleic acid or antigen tests.Medical institutions shall not charge fees for antigen testing services if the masses test antigens themselves.Sihui Financial Media Center Sihui Publishing Editorial Department source: Xijiang Daily