Seriously, don’t always wear jeans under a hoodie. It’s popular this year to look thin and tall

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Take a look at what a hoodie can look like without jeans!In many people’s eyes, hoodies and jeans are a pair of bonded CP, but who says they can’t be beautiful alone?Seriously, if you want to look stylish and slim and tall, don’t wear jeans with a hoodie.(1) Jeans and hoodies are too Mediocre We may be ordinary people, but we all have extraordinary souls.Refuse to wear mediocre, in the collocation of this matter, we will not compromise with ordinary ~ traditional hoodie with jeans, have a hand will match, but without the body and appearance level of support, is thrown into the crowd, let you no matter how to find ordinary match.Such plain dress way, if not abandoned, when?(two) hoodie can try new pants & GT;>Newer fabric fads have actually been up against the common.Don’t worry, look elsewhere, even in the version and style of the same case, as long as the replacement of denim, for a more novel and unique fabric, you can make a person look bright.The leather, as handsome as a gangster, is used on the slacks, and the hoodie has a slightly open neckline that says sexy and attractive.Read simply let a person enchanted!>>The next step is to change the shape of a pair of trousers by swapping out the tired denim for a looser, slimmer leg, or turning the trim into a tight one, cutting out the extra trousers to make the hoodie shine under the cycling trousers.>>The more distinctive patterns have been determined to change and break away from their previous patterns.So how can we just stop at the replacement of fabric and pattern?Take a look at this super personal, arty plaid pattern on wide-leg pants, and pair it with a solid color or a hoodie with a small area pattern, killing the traditional hoodie with jeans.>>Bolder colors allow us to let go.Hoodies are casual and comfortable, and if combined with more bold colors, the whole will be individual and unique.As long as you are confident enough, even if a large area of fluorescent color called fashion minefield is put on a hoodie suit, you are the fashion “little sun” in the crowd.After saying goodbye to jeans completely, the hoodie completely took off.Don’t you think that pairing a hoodie with one of the four pants — fabric, shape, pattern, or color — will look a lot better than pairing them with jeans?(3) Hoodies and new trousers are new trends.>Eyeball and not wrong small white pants Japanese drama female indispensable eyeball small white pants have to arrange this year.The pure color like snow, deserve to go up recreational hoodie, stretch nature like cloud, it is the collocation that lets a person feast for the eyes truly.The white trousers with hoodies are best made of fabrics with a certain hardness, and the nine-point straight trousers with a high waist and slim figure are preferred.>>But that’s not the trendiest way to wear hoodies. Want to know what’s the most popular pair of pants to wear hoodies with this year?Of course, it is the personality of the solid color straight leg pants!A grey hoodie folded over a blue shirt, medium trousers and boots, unconstrained by any rules, is the most eye-catching outfit of the year.>>Vibrant casual pants actually don’t need too much eye-popping personality design, get rid of the old jeans, the most original hoodie with pants can also have a new way to open.The three keys to wearing a hoodie with hoodies are to keep the hoodie and the hoodie in the same color, pair the top with a straight neutral trouser jacket, and combine accessories with neutral, cool, or sporty designs.Two, hoodie can match pants to wear, also can match skirt (a) hoodie match skirt of two key *01.Why does a hoodie look great with just about any item recommended today, as long as you don’t wear the stereotypical jeans?In fact, the difference feeling and particularity that all rely on collocation generation.People tend to prefer things that have a certain sense of difference from their surroundings.That’s why hoodies with skirts, especially with basic dresses, make sure to use color patterns or lengths to create a sense of difference between the top and the bottom.*02. Lengthening sense of vertical vision As to why hoodie matching skirt must have lengthening sense of vertical vision, that is naturally because most sisters have inexplicably obsession with showing thin and high.So how to wear this lengthening sense of vertical vision?First, hoodies and skirts should not be too loose at the hem;The overall best to keep the color collocation, difference sense of color matching will be bright color on the upper body;Make sure your shoes are pointed or rounded.(b) hoodies go better with these dresses.>A simple hoodie with a wide hem, a hip-length skirt with a high slit, and a pair of pointy heels that reveal the skin of your feet are the only sexy hoodie to wear this year.But moderation is important. We can’t slit our skirts too high.The slit is near the mid-thigh, but any higher and the all-in-one sexiness is instantly lost.>The tall waist skirt that nifty reduces age guard garment matchs skirt how little got the tall waist skirt of the niftiest youth?Fairies and Wonki girls must have short skirts, and should be paired with a slightly loose design of the mid-length hoodie to look good.If you want to be a hottie, opt for the breech skirt on the left.If you want to become a goddess of Vitality, choose the a-line skirt on the right.Whisper to your sisters: when wearing hoodies, short skirts and platform shoes make your legs look longer.>In the field of hoodie matching skirt, on romance, the combination of broken skirt and hoodie says two, other collocation absolutely dare not say one.Even the dull-looking dark green hoodie, paired with a romantic yellow chiffon floral dress, has come into its own.Are you still not convinced of the romantic magic of hoodies and floral dresses?We finally “practice” out of the long legs, don’t live up to, don’t let jeans and other long items cover your figure.No other outfit can match the confidence that comes with boldly exposing your long legs and wearing a loose-fitting hoodie just above your mid-thigh and below your hips, and ankle boots.(wearing method 2) bare legs + boots although the second wearing method is still in bare legs, but with the first focus on the show leg wearing different, hoodie with boots combination focus more on the overall personality collocation.A loose-fitting hoodie should be worn with a pair of shorts or medium trousers above the knee, exposing 3 to 6 cm of thigh skin. This time, a pair of boots below the knee is a stunning treasure to wear.Really, fashion is not a math problem. There is no universal formula and no set routine.Instead, break out of the box and incorporate personality. That’s what’s really hip.Hoodies with jeans are not cool. Hoodies with other items that you like and are appropriate are really cool girls.So this year, would you like to be a cooler girl?