S6 pioneer lineup set cotton, power PK, pioneer!

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After the third battle enters the S6 season, the new PK season, the gameplay and mode become more rich, the script selection of the world zhengfeng fun will be stronger, with wei Yan and other new generals to join the recruitment, S6 season in the lineup collocation, also have more choices.PK season lineup or fighting to fight, guandu and grass boat for the strength of the lineup is not low, to tell the truth, three strong PK lineup, before which is to S6 or what, the only difference is more than a new lineup and battle transformation collocation problem.S6 season opening lineup recommended:01 xi lu and three potential methods with tracing the cause (taiping road + imperius carry spirit/don’t 3) + zhuge liang feng flames + by enemy/cup snake) + left kindness (three potential array + white horse from righteousness), wheaten cake joins camp fire as the main core methods, three potential array + white + peace, will enhance the launch of wheaten cake joins camp fire probability, cooperate with various ge wind crit attribute of the tao to one of the flames and peace,During the battle, you can play a fire battalion with a good output every turn.Second left Keats battle method then hermetic in full red state, cooperate and don’t three days would impose high attribute to avoid tracing the cause effect, eliminate the factors influencing the output tracing the cause of environment, the various ge is bright as the second echelon attack, at the same time to improve left Keats defensive attributes, wheaten cake joins camp fire almost instantaneous, output, control and defense can do ing.02 Lu Xun + Tai Shi Ci + Cheng Pu (meat bow) Lu Xun (capture the soul with soul + baby city self-defense) + Tai Shi Ci (when the front + soldiers imstable potential) + Cheng Pu (fu series + solo to fight), this lineup collocation and fighting method collocation is the standard match of civilians, alone to fight and baby city self-defense can be changed through S5, is able to restore the control of forces,Strike verdict limits and restrains the passive effects of opposing linemen.Tardif fighting soldiers to carry impermanence potential effectively to reply to your health, although the effect is better than violent without benevolence, but cheng pu caresses series of military and civilian, milk supply methods, three rounds of all the decrease injury, and prevent to be dragged round head, cheng pu caresses series of military and civilian is the auxiliary core lineup milk supply, tracing the cause the output of the environment, the first four rounds of stability decrease injury,And it is the sword and strategy two aspects of the damage reduction, but also not affected by other.03 shu ride:Jiang Wei + Guan Yinping + Liu Bei Jiang Wei (fire on fire + wind to help the fire/both civil and military) + Guan Yinping (take advantage of the victory of the long drive + collect square/white) + Liu Bei (elephant soldier + temporarily avoid its peak/eight), this lineup has both method damage and physical damage, special forces elephant soldier with eight combat properties, so that the team gets the first attack state,Jiang Wei relying on fire and wind to help the outbreak of the fire injury.On the enemy’s active fighting method and negative attributes and control effect can play a certain role of interference oh, Liu Bei auxiliary gain, guan Mei fill knife damage, of course, if there is Zhang Chunhua the best, this squad is suitable for S5 wilderness, S6 strength is not weak, is also a wilderness idea.No matter in which season the taoyuan team will not be obsolete, Liu Bei (temporarily avoid its peak + eight) + Zhang Fei (just yong + Jedi counterattack) + Guan Yu (dustpan formation + sweep thousand troops/column raid), temporarily avoid its peak is the standard battle method of Taoyuan Liu Bei, mainly for explosion-proof head riding.Just yong than zhang fei’s collocation methods, can only play a bigger role in zhang fei body, as long as the weapon damage can trigger high probability, zhang fei’s battle method yan people roar could hit high AOE, output, basket shape array to the guan yu is the escape injury reduction system to peak, s6 will meet three potential or riding wu lu, in the face of high outbreak enemy squad,And take it in stride.In fact, to tell the truth, to S6, the intensity coefficient of the National team of The Kingdom of Shu is not high, fighting in the face of three potential Lu or Wu Qi such a high outbreak of the lineup, will be very pulled, but in terms of the opening of the land, the kingdom of Shu is still strong.