Fire engineers comprehensive ability test point fire extinguisher repair, two fire engineers test point

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Level comprehensive ability examination site to send a fire extinguisher, fire engineer secondary fire engineer examination site daily inspection, found obviously mechanical damage, corrosion, fire extinguishing agent leak, be open, to fire extinguisher maintenance fixed number of year, or if it meets the requirements of other hot fire extinguisher, use and management of construction unit in accordance with the prescribed procedures in the repair.1) Portable and push-cart water-based extinguishers expire 3 years after leaving the factory, and each full year after the first maintenance.2) Portable, cart type dry powder fire extinguisher, clean gas fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher factory expiration of 5 years, after the first maintenance every full 2 years.When sending fire extinguishers for repair, the number of fire extinguishers sent for repair at one time shall not exceed 1/4 of the total number of fire extinguishers configured in the computing unit.If the fire extinguisher exceeds the limit, replace it with a fire extinguisher of the same type and with the same operation method. The fire extinguisher level must be at least smaller than that of the original fire extinguisher.