Yinchuan Jetta VS5 store price 3000 yuan, welcome to the store appreciation

2022-06-10 0 By

The work is not satisfactory, the trouble of life, it is time to change a car to change the mood, the recent Ningxia Jieda shop from now to April 09, the price of 0.3 thousand yuan, looking forward to your visit all rural registered permanent residence car customers enjoy an additional 1000 yuan to the countryside subsidies!Jetta VS5, VS7 replacement subsidy 3000-5000 yuan!Old customers transfer to introduce successful car purchase, old customers can enjoy the highest 800 yuan JINGdong card, new customers can obtain basic maintenance 1 times!All models can enjoy 0 down payment, 0 interest rate, low down payment, low interest rate!Shop to shop test drive can receive a beautiful gift!Promotion time: April 08, 2022 to April 09, 2022 Preferential conditions: In-store insurance, in-store licensing, in-store loans, in-store replacement Jetta VS5 latest quotation Model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price Discount margin yinchuan quotation 280TSIManual enterprising version PRO86,800 yuan 0.300 yuan 83,800 yuan 280TSI manual enjoyable version PRO93,800 yuan 0.300 yuan 90,800 yuan 280TSI automatic Enterprising version PRO97,800 yuan 0.300 yuan 94,800 yuan 280TSIAutomatic joy version Pro 104,800 RMB 0.300 RMB 10.1,800 RMB 280TSI Automatic Glory version Pro 114,800 RMB 0.300 RMB 118,800 RMB