The strategy of Returning to Singapore

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Flight: 01/22/2022 Singapore To Xiamen MF852 15:25 Before departure:Thirty percent return air ticket (Singapore) is about eleven o ‘clock I call car to the airport At half past eleven Remember to print all the materials in advance The best is to put the required file has been packed into an envelope or bag I just like this is very convenient After checking just thrown into a bag Don’t have to arrive at the airport for back and forth:Xiamen Airlines has luggage carts when you get off at Gate 4 of Terminal 1!Therefore, all the luggage and suitcases can be pushed into the hall by car. After entering the hall, it is the counter where I queue up to check the materials and check the luggage. It takes a long time for me to queue up for about half an hour.Checked baggage: I called Xiamen Airlines in advance to book the international student ticket, and a 23kg luggage amount will be provided for free. Fill in the entry and customs code:Dealt with after check next to push the trolleys to fill in the entry code and the customs code has a a small table The strategy on the table Next to have staff guidance, in accordance with the sample to fill in Encounter problems can be directly ask staff can speak Chinese here, it is worth noting Enter the fujian qr code after filled out the best in WeChat floating aboutTo Xiamen after directly drawn out to the staff to see and then point on the customs two-dimensional code after filling in screenshots will be used before taking luggage off the plane must remember screenshots!!Border inspection: after filling in two codes, you can have been to the border inspection here cart can not be used to temporarily carry a little meeting, but it doesn’t matter after the border inspection scanning passport, there will be a new cart to continue to save effort!Then you can enter the duty-free shop shopping gate to prepare:Duty-free shopping then I can go to the boarding gate In about twenty minutes in advance we put on the protective clothing After boarding security will enter into a terminal This step beginning full of terror Because did not have the safe distance between person and person We all sit together Very compact So start from here to brace Pay attention to the protectionRecently, the epidemic situation in Singapore is quite serious. It is necessary to have a psychological prediction that there must be a confirmed case on the plane and always pay attention to protection. We have a confirmed case on this flight, and my two friends unfortunately became close contacts, so you cannot be too careful!There is no need to worry in the waiting room. The staff will call people to board according to their seats. There is no need to queue in advance!Study in Singapore