Pingshun County: Ice and snow sports welcome the New Year

2022-06-09 0 By

New Year to welcome the Winter Olympics.In 2022, the Spring Festival and the Beijing Winter Olympics meet, many people went to the ski resort, ice and snow sports, to celebrate the Spring Festival.At Yabloni International Ski Resort in Pingshun County, snow and ice lovers from all over the world share their skills and enjoy the joy of ice and snow sports.Liu Yuxing, a skier, said: “The Beijing Winter Olympics are coming. I want to take this opportunity to experience the fun of skiing with my family.””Skiing is good, not only for physical exercise, but also to develop a sense of perseverance.”Tourist Niu Yong said as he skated.At Dongyishan Yabloni International Ski Resort, most tourists come from neighboring cities and counties, where they can not only enjoy snow and ice sports, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taihang in winter.Li Kunjie, a tourist from Changzhi city, said: “Today I came to ski with my friends. I learned a lot of skiing skills here and also felt the beautiful taihang scenery in winter. I was very happy.”Yabloni International Ski Resort of Pingshun County is a large outdoor sports venue, as well as the training base of changzhi Ice and snow sports and ice sports training base of Changzhi Sports school.In addition to snow and ice lovers, there are many young people pick up snowboards, onto the ski field, in the exercise experience a different New Year.”Today is the first time to ski, although the weather is a little cold, but I still very happy!”Luzhou district experimental middle school primary school grade one Chen Chenxin said.”I’m going to take my family skiing during the Spring Festival, and the kids are really looking forward to it.”Mr. Hu introduced to reporters.Mr. Hu said that the atmosphere of the Beijing Winter Olympics is getting stronger and stronger, and more and more friends like skiing around them. This year, the whole family will celebrate the Spring Festival and welcome the Winter Olympics through ice and snow sports.Source: Pingshun Rong Media Center, Edited by Cao Yuping