“Mother and child soldiers” concentric battle “epidemic” situation

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They say, “Brothers in war, fathers and sons in battle.”There are such a pair of “mother and child soldiers” in the Binxing Garden community of Hujiayuan street. They fight side by side in different posts on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and make unremitting efforts to win the war without smoke of gunpowder.Feng Shaomin is the party branch secretary of Binxing Garden Community in Hujiayuan Street. Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, she has been working day and night on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.In the nucleic acid testing work of all staff, Feng Shaomin has been busy in all links, from the early online and offline publicity, the layout of nucleic acid testing site, the transportation of medical supplies, the link of resources of all parties, and the transfer of samples. She always sticks to the front line, reflecting the dedication and responsibility of the community responsible person.Just after the third national nucleic acid test was completed, Feng Shaomin volunteered to join the epidemic prevention and control team in Southern Tianjin.After arriving in Jinnan, she and her teammates immediately threw themselves into the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Sanxin Community, Xinzhuang Town, Jinnan District. She was responsible for installing door magnetic devices, distributing food and daily necessities, and providing psychological counseling for residents.In the meantime, the fourth nucleic acid test for all staff in Binxing Garden Community is being carried out in an orderly way.”Please prepare your ID card in advance and queue up orderly. Thank you for your cooperation…”At the sampling site, a young volunteer in protective clothing is skillfully scanning id cards and registration information for residents.He is Feng Shaomin’s son miao Songyuan, a sophomore at Nankai University.In the four rounds of nucleic acid testing that have been completed, he participated in the volunteer service throughout the whole process and was never absent.Although he and his mother struggle in different places, different posts, but they have always stuck to the front line of the fight against the epidemic, for the common goal of hard work.The first on the right is Miao Songyuan’s son’s performance in the mouth of colleagues, Feng Shaomin is very pleased, she said: “The child has grown up, has responsibilities, I am very proud of him.With the understanding of our families, the support of the general public, and our comrades in arms, WE are sure to win the battle against the epidemic.”(Street map) Source: Tianjin Binhai