The Yongji Cultural Relics Protection Center has carried out an investigation of stone relics and low-grade cultural relics resources

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In recent days, The Yongji Cultural relics Protection Center attaches great importance to the investigation of stone relics and low-level cultural relics resources, and has set up four special teams to carry out the investigation of 397 low-level cultural relics resources in a phased and step-by-step way.The low-level cultural relics in Yongji are widely scattered, and the time of cultural heritage resource investigation is tight and the task is heavy.To this end, The Yongji Cultural Relics Protection Center held special meetings to arrange arrangements, studied, formulated and printed the Implementation Plan for the Investigation of Low-level cultural relics and stone relics resources in Yongji, which made precise arrangements and deployment, strictly implemented and promoted, and ensured that the investigation work was completed as scheduled and with high quality.Before the investigation, yongji Cultural Relics Protection Center organized all staff to study and demonstrate the working methods and procedures of the nail system to ensure that the measurement, mapping, photography and other relevant information of each survey site is correct.In order to arouse the attention of 4 special classes and 20 staff members, dong Rong, the director of the center, made a “pre-war” mobilization.He pointed out that to carry out low-level cultural relics investigation and stone carving cultural relics resource investigation is an important basis for further understanding the bottom number of cultural relics resources in Yongji city, systematic analysis of the protection status quo, scientific formulation of protection policies, for the future protection and utilization of cultural relics, continue to shine yongji brand play a crucial role.He demanded that work progress be accelerated, flexible and diverse forms be adopted to find out the background of the family and provide basic data and reference for further protection of cultural relics.To be efficient, scientific overall planning, to ensure that the data filled in true and accurate;Attention should be paid to the transformation of results into outputs, and the results of investigation should be submitted in accordance with the requirements of work plans of provincial and municipal cultural heritage bureaus.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: