“The Chinese side has contacted the US side many times, but received no response!”

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In recent years, the aviation sector has been the focus of competition and concern among major powers.As a scientific and technological power, the United States is also actively exploring space, but for the unknown space, the major powers mainly cooperate to explore and protect space workers.But the STARlink satellite launched by the United States is close to China’s space station, threatening the safety of China’s aviation work and astronauts.China has contacted the United States several times, but has not received a response.Spacex has been exploring the space industry for several years, and the Starlink satellite is one of their space projects.As the company prepares to further enhance its capabilities in Internet services.According to sources, spacex’s starlink satellite launch, if all goes well, could drastically reduce the cost of Internet access services around the world.Even though Starlink might provide easier Internet access, there is a risk of contaminating the sky and even disrupting observations, so the American Astronomical Society says it is working with all parties to assess the risk and find appropriate mitigation measures.What is more noteworthy is that the Starlink satellite came close to China’s space station twice last year, which seriously threatened the safety of China’s space station and the crew in the station. For safety reasons, China’s space station chose to avoid collision.According to relevant reports, in a note to the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, the US has denied that China has repeatedly contacted the US over the Starlink satellite incident.The US side even drew its own “criteria”, claiming that starlink’s activities did not meet the threshold of the established emergency collision criteria and therefore did not require emergency notification in either case.In response to the US denial, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on February 10, “In the collision avoidance incident, the US Starlink satellites were in a continuous orbit maneuvering state, and their maneuvering strategies and intentions were unclear.Chinese astronauts in orbit are facing realistic and urgent safety threats.The Chinese had to take preventive collision avoidance control.”China has made several attempts to contact the United States by email, but has received no response from the United States.In fact, according to Article 9 of the Outer Space Treaty, apart from conducting their own affairs, the States parties should also focus on mutual assistance and cooperation in space exploration.The United States’ behavior of shirking responsibility and drawing “standards” is completely unlike that of a major country.Some of the news comes from global Times