Xin Ju: After Gu Xin’s accident, Feng Qian qian said a word that she was playing gu Xin, no love

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Feng Qianqian stood alone outside the sales office, looking at their own house, she said: You don’t be angry with me, in fact, I wish the same as you, I also hope that our sister and brother three can have a big house in Shanghai, SISTER sorry, I was wrong.”In Shanghai, even I, a daughter-in-law who buys food and cooks every day, know that a house is a person’s face.What kind of house to buy that is what kind of people, as for renting are rootless ping “, this is the heart of the TV drama at the beginning of Feng Xiaoqin’s voice.Feng Xiaoqin dreams to have a house of her own in Shanghai, perhaps because of her sister’s obsession, Feng Qianxi also has the same dream.Feng Xiaoqin once said such a word to Feng Qianxi, she said: “Life is like climbing a building, the upper floor, is the scenery of the first floor.At the foot of the ground, is the bottom of the day.When I can no longer climb, I stop naturally.”But in order to see a higher level of scenery, Feng Qianxi or go awarped.Her obsession with the house, far more than her sister, looking at the house in front of her, she did not want to give up, even at the risk of a big.Ge Yue’s uncle gave her such a chance to sell her a good house at the price of 800,000.And Feng Qianxi just need to cheat Gu Xin again, let him help Ge Yue’s uncle completely take the project.Since Gu Qingyu discovers the relationship between two people, Gu Xin hides feng Qianqian all the time.Feng didn’t want to give up. She knew that everything she had now was from Gu Xin.Although she is the star of the company now, her situation is like rowing against the current, if she does not advance, she will fall back.Soon to have their own house, Feng Decided to take the risk.In Ge Yue uncle dinner, Gu Xin said nothing, obviously he wants to refuse uncle’s request.Feng Qianqian saw Gu Xin’s hesitation and retreat, if this time she did not add a wood, the relationship between two people is completely cold.After dinner, Feng Qianxi from the house as the topic, began to talk about the idea of Ge Yue uncle.Gu Xin did not want to, saying that he had already left the job and it was out of his hands.But Feng Qian qian said: I know, but uncle he said that you will always have a way of this matter.Gu Xin saw Feng Qianxi on the house heart, eyes more than a trace of boredom.But the next feng Qian qian’s words, completely let Gu Xin lost self.Feng xixi said: I was tempted, but I am not for the house, but for you, so I have a reason to pester you.In this case, if the ordinary people listen to it, certainly think it is a false can not be false.But when Feng Qianxi affectionately said to Gu Xin, but can beat the last defense of the other side.She said: I like you, I don’t care what you think of me, I don’t care if you believe it or not, I just like you.I want to be friends with you, but I can’t.And I know you have a wife and kids, but I just can’t help myself.Feng Qianqian said so, and Gu Xin’s mood was also mobilized, at this time gu Xin no matter what Feng Qianqian said he would promise.Feng Qian qian said: I am willing to do a bad woman for you.Feng Qianqian did all this is clearly for themselves, and she can say it is the love of Gu Xin, have to say that this move is really high.Feng Qianxi did these things are illegal, there is no impermeable wall, the audit found that Huang Eran in the middle of the bridge.After things were revealed, Feng Qianxi a little want to stop, but loathe to hand the house.Who also did not think of Feng Qianqian and Gu Xin two completely do not take the edge of the people, the last will hook up together.Although everything on the surface is accidental, but not behind the promotion of Feng Qianxi.To Gu Xin, Feng Qian qian still has some cognition, on wedding he and ex-cummer entwine is not clear, affirmation also is the person of a flower heart.But Feng doesn’t think Gu Xin is of any use to her until gu Xin helps her out at dinner.The yellow boss who throws his weight around can only humble himself before Gu Xin.A word of Gu Xin can let Huang Eran, change attitude to oneself.At this moment Feng Qianxi realized the power of the powerful, and Huang Sheeran is said: you have such relatives why out of business, public institutions, state-owned enterprises better pull business.Feng Qianxi was under pressure of performance. Her performance was the last in the first month and the second in the second month during the three-month probation period.If there is no performance, Feng Qianxi may be fired, otherwise Feng Qianxi will not be desperate to find Huang Eran again.But did not expect the appearance of Gu Xin, feng Qianqian completely changed.Later feng went to Gu xin’s house, cutting fruit and washing diapers, just to ask the cousin to help introduce her business.Later gu Xin went to the sub-district office by himself. None of his family was satisfied. His father-in-law bluntly judged the wrong person.If his father-in-law still had power in the past, Gu Xin would not have said anything. But now, gu Xin’s patience with his father-in-law has long been exhausted.The Gu Xin that one person is carefree alone, met the Feng Qianxi that drinks a little wine.At this time, Gu Xin made a request: Would you like to have another drink?Feng Qianxi must know what this sentence represents, before he asked Gu Xin to help pull the business did not move, she knew that the children can not set the Wolf, so she agreed.Alone in a room with a power cut, candlelight, and the courage of alcohol.Two people understand each other, but Feng Qianxi actively tease up Gu Xin.She asked Gu Xin’s ex-girlfriend, but also gu Xin for its score, this series of unreasonable are to stimulate Gu Xin.In addition, Feng Qianqian also expected to ask how many points to play themselves.This is naked tease, Gu Xin silent.As expected, Feng qianxi was really smart. Seeing Gu Xin’s hesitation, she belitedly looked down on herself. In fact, she pushed Gu Xin.Finally gu xin’s desire was ignited, he said: That I have to have a good look.To take Gu Xin, Feng Qian qian dedicated his first night, also only such, ability lets Gu Xin be reconciled to pull business for oneself.Ge Yue had seen her husband was wrong, but she did not dare to doubt, she was afraid that her husband would abandon him.Feng Xiaoqin on the other side of the sister also see something wrong, especially to see sister recently in the house, and sister said that this is before a customer to their rebate.Sister abnormal or attracted the attention of Feng Xiaoqin, she checked the property developer turned out to be Ge Yue’s uncle.In addition, a telephone number let Feng Xiaoqin suspected that her sister as a mistress, because the number is Gu Xin, and Feng Qianxi pretended to be a customer.In order to verify the number, Feng Xiaoqin also asked Ge Yue.But Gu Xin and Feng Qianqian have called to say something in the evening, let them have to doubt.Feng Qianqian saw the Gu Xin that sends its to go to work in the place that younger sister goes to work, everything the truth comes to light.Feng Xiaoqin naturally hopes that her sister can cut off contact with Gu Xin, but Feng Qianxi does not want to.Not because of love, but because Gu Xin is still useful.’I don’t have the energy to destroy other people’s homes,’ she says. ‘I have my hands full and my bosses are snobs.’If I don’t grasp the life-saving straw of Gu Xin now, I will still be a small staff member at the age of 60.This sentence just shows that Feng Has been playing Gu Xin, using gu Xin for profit in the name of love.Feng Qianxi will not not know what kind of person Gu Xin is, since he can betray Ge Yue, also may betray her on behalf of the future.So Feng Qianxi is impossible to marry him, all this is feng Qianxi for the house by hook or by crook efforts.Conclusion the last thing exposed, Gu Xin was caught in, Feng Qianqian because there is no room to accept the property.She left Shanghai as fast as she could and deserved the situation she ended up in.