What are the education related majors that can be applied for in New Zealand?

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More and more students are considering abandoning their undergraduate study to consider the Master of Education, but not all New Zealand masters in Education can apply across disciplines.Today, take you to comb what education after all relevant major can cross major application?Master of Education in New Zealand, New Zealand Education professional is divided into the following three basic plate left the Master of Education Master’s professional Education is prepare students to engage in the study of Education, after graduation, students are not teachers, but Education related job such as:, head of the department of Education, the researcher (Education), school center manager or experts, etc.The Master of Education program requires a bachelor’s degree in psychology or related work experience.Ielts is required (6.5/6) and language is available.Master of TeachingTeaching is the traditional sense of the teacher, students after graduation to work as a teacher.It can be divided into three directions: preschool education, primary school and middle school.Admission requirements for Teaching Major: The Teaching major is an education major with no undergraduate background requirements, but the IELTS requirement is relatively high (7.0/7.0), and no language upgrade is allowed.Some schools value work experience more than others.The Master of TESOLTESOL major is also a branch of Teaching. Its major aims at Teaching Foreigners English, so students will work as English teachers after graduation.But they cannot become registered primary and secondary school teachers.Admission requirements: TESOL majors do not require students to have a bachelor’s degree background, but there are hard rules for students to work experience, universities usually require students to have 1-2 years of English teaching experience.Ielts is required (6.5/6) and language is available.In this xiaobian for you to recommend the University of Canterbury and Massey University master Tesol professional:Master of Applied Linguistics (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in The University of Canterbury is a one-year course with no working experience required.Massey University Master of Applied Linguistics 1.5 years In Applied Linguistics60 credits, Coursework ·705 Advanced TESOL for Different Students and Language environments ·702 Second Language Learning Theories and Processes ·703 Contemporary Language Teaching Methodology (including Observations in Schools) Part 2:· Average score of B, especially in the last two years and requiring at least 1 year of teaching experience or · Average score of B in undergraduate, PGD in Second Language Teaching or average score of B in undergraduate,Completion of PGD in Applied Linguistics Scholarship: 20 places per year, 5000NZD/ year, year 1 with a B GPA + additional 2500NZD in year 2