People who don’t love you treat you like this

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Zhang Ailing once said to Hu Lancheng: “Seeing him, she became very low, low to the dust, but her heart is happy, from the dust out of flowers.”In the face of the people she loved, Eileen Chang changed her former pride, as if she had changed herself, and began to become weak.Her change is a universal phenomenon when people meet love.This is as true for women as it is for men.Love, is a strange emotion, it can completely change a person.Because of this, the boundary between love and not love is particularly clear.Many times in our lives, we choose to deceive ourselves.Though I know in my heart that he does not love me;But the heart of the reluctant, or will be everything down, pretend to be in love.However, strong twist melon is not sweet, pretend to love the person, after all, do not love, let go is the best choice.When the other side began to appear this situation, in fact, in action to tell you that he has not loved.You know, people who don’t love you, will do this to you.02. I start to get careless and lose sight of details.In the lover’s world, everything about each other, will be invisible in the amplification.Maybe just a little bit of change, will be in the heart of the other side.If you have a heart, you can’t miss it.And people who do not love, even if you are in front of him again obvious, he will not find.Or maybe he just doesn’t care.If there are times in your life when you notice that your partner doesn’t care about the details;It means that the other person’s mind has begun to change, and this change is a sign that people are beginning to change their mind.Remember once upon a time, boudoir Xiaolin just love appearance, from the beginning, the other side is very enthusiastic.At that time, he could see kobayashi’s every move, every word.Once, Xiao Lin was caught in a rain when he got off work.The next day he had a fever, asked for leave and then rested without telling the other side.But the other side still knew this matter, specially rushed over to take care of Xiao Lin.He said that he saw xiao Lin did not reply to the news, a little worried, specially hit the company to ask.When xiao Lin got sick, he rushed over.But recently, xiao Lin found that the other side has changed, he said that the export of uncomfortable, but also by the other side of the subconscious ignore.About the difference between love and not love, in fact, such a clear distinction.When you are in love, you don’t care when you are not in love.Because when you are in love, you are his unique treasure, worth waiting for.Wait until do not love, the treasure of the mind, will disappear.Naturally, you can’t see the details of things, and things begin to become very careless.03. I don’t respond to you at first. I always take care of myself.Indeed, the adult world is full of busyness.But love, indeed busy world of pure land.People often take breaks from their work to return their feelings to their loved ones.Even the most indifferent people, will be like this.It seems that boring things become very interesting when we meet each other.But if you do not love the people, most people, will be slightly indifferent.Because do not love, have nothing to do with oneself.In life, don’t listen to the other person’s reasons for being busy.People who love you, no matter how busy they are, can take a little time to respond to your feelings.Because I love you, so I will.The girl was walking around the street with her bestie, and when she saw something interesting, she shared it with her boyfriend.The man on the other side of the phone seems to have been very busy, basic no response.Bestie asked, she always responded, because men in the busy, busy after the natural back to the news.When they eat, she also kept sending.Friends do not understand what each other has been busy, she casually answered, her boyfriend is eating, not back to the news.At this time, the friend let she lower her head to see what they are doing.Obviously, the woman always worried about the man, has not loved.True love between two people, as if there is a magnetic field, attract each other, can’t wait to embrace.Therefore, no matter what you are doing, you can take time to respond to the love in your heart.The deeper the love, the more obvious this phenomenon.04 good gather good parting, there is still someone in front of you love.In fact, the other party still love you, your heart is very clear.After seeing the way they love you, you can clearly feel that they don’t love you.Because the difference is so stark. It’s so different.In this case, it is good to get together, good to let go.Return each other a freedom, but also return their love.Just keep the memory of your past love, and then move on.Not far ahead, someone is waiting for your arrival, that person, and you will start the next relationship.Do not try to wake up a fool, do not try to restore love has fallen out of the people.Stop deluding yourself and shutting out your senses.Don’t love is not love, just let go, both men and women, is so.Spend the rest of your life loving people who are worth loving.You deserve better happiness and a happier lover.As for the past love, leave it to time, when broken is broken, good for each other.