Biomass wood pellet fuel heat card calorific value detection equipment

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Biomass wood pellet fuel calorie calorific power testing equipment, wood biomass pellet fuel calorie calorific value detection equipment by providing biomass caloric value meter biomass fuel calorific value testing equipment, wood particles combustion values, test equipment, solid biomass fuels kcal tester, the estimated quantity sawdust machine, straw particles of calorific value measurement instrument for testing bamboo shavings pine particle heat equipment,Test the conditions of straw calorific value card instrument, fuel calorific value analyzer, biomass sawdust particle fuel laboratory instrument, date wood fuel particle calorific value detector, and accurately determine the temperature rise of the water in the cylinder after the sample burning, using scientific methods, you can calculate the starting heat.System in constant temperature calorimeter, the outer cylinder and between room temperature and exist in the actual heat exchange between inner cylinder, brought trouble to the calculation of calorific value, therefore, in order to correct calculation error caused by heat the instrument adopts the LCD screen, Chinese interface, man-machine dialogue menu, four-way navigation keyboard, display intuitive, easy to operate.High temperature measurement accuracy, PID control, standard test process.There are four arrow keys.Respectively are up, down, left and right direction selection keys, used to select experimental items (select cursor flashing) and process selection.The “OK” key is used to enter the functional interface and start the experiment project.The Back key is used to return to the previous page.The Reset button is used to restart the controller.Charging volume (g) : 50 Charging particle size (mm): <13 Discharging particle size (mesh):80-200 Weight (kg): 30 Dimensions (mm): 360×360×400