Putin’s rhetorical question to the French reporter: Why was it so resigned and angry?

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France and Russia, in the history of incomparable close to the Outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, a great French hero – Jacobin revolutionary party leader Napoleon was born!France, which got rid of feudalism and serfdom, was undoubtedly the forerunner of the democratic revolution in the world at that time.Democracy, a concept that had never existed in the world before, traversed the entire Continent of Europe, from the very west to the very east of Russia.In those days, French worship resonated with almost all Russians.Paris, France: Torch of Victory Even now, France has a special place in the hearts of Russians.This unique connection, just as there are still many people in China who are nostalgic for the Soviet Union.But the two countries, which have historically been closely linked, recently became a trending trending topic after Russia’s president angrily asked a French journalist.During the speeches of the French and Russian presidents, French journalists asked questions about Ukraine, which caused a series of questions from Russian President Vladimir Putin.Russian President Vladimir Putin told the reporter bluntly, do you want France and Russia to go to war?Given the history of the two countries, there was clearly a fair degree of anger in that remark.As historically close countries, French journalists’ questions, armed with guns and sticks, clearly form a greater impact than journalists from other countries.In terms of practical international diplomatic interests, Putin’s rhetorical question has another meaning — do you want to let France and Russia go to war, so that other countries can benefit?The Russian President Vladimir Putin has held talks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.After posing a rhetorical question, Mr. Putin bluntly raised Russia’s nuclear military superiority.The message is that even NATO as a whole would have no advantage in a military conflict with Russia.Would France want to go to war with Russia in this situation?The answer is obviously no.So behind Putin’s rhetorical question, there is no doubt a strong dissatisfaction with the journalist.From the current French demand, leading the EU to get rid of NATO’s military control has always been what France wants to do.Is France, already at odds with NATO, likely to spearhead a confrontation with Russia?The answer, of course, is no.On January 20, 2022, French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated that the EU should be strategically independent, so Putin questioned in the question, as well as the professionalism of the journalist doubt.Another message conveyed between the lines was that the reporter did not know his own country and was wasting his time asking questions.In short, France and Russia, historically close, with similar values and similar aspirations in reality, are unlikely to become extreme opposites in the current situation.Since the Crisis in Ukraine, both the Minsk agreement and the New Minsk Agreement have involved France and Russia.Even as a NATO country, France would be forced to take sides.But it is more likely to act as a mediator than an attacker.In 2015, in the hall of Ukraine’s highest Rada (that is, parliament), senior French journalists who responded to the Ukrainian crisis asked questions, which partly represented the current French public opinion. In terms of the national level, apparently there is a considerable degree of tacit understanding between France and Russia.But among ordinary people, there are many differences.The French journalists’ tough questioning of Mr. Putin is emblematic of the fact that Russia’s reputation among modern French has declined in recent years.The French journalist who asked the question was probably one of those French people who don’t like Russia very much.The deteriorating reputation of Russians in France has something to do with the large influx of Russians into France in recent years.There are two groups of Russians who have flocked to France since the collapse of the Soviet Union.The first are the nouveau riche, who see emigration to France as something to show off.The second group is the gangsters, who emigrate to France to make more money.Neither of these groups represents the majority of Russians, but they do appear on French soil.Like some Chinese millionaires, the first thing nouveau riche Russians do when they move to France is to speculate on property.France’s real estate industry is driven by this, prices are rising.Property workers are happy, of course, but ordinary French people feel a lot of resentment about Russia’s nouveau riche.For this segment of the French populace, the Russian nouveau riche is Russian, and that’s where the resentment against Russia comes in.And a large number of immigrants to France’s underworld, but also to the French local brought great public security troubles.Shootings and violence led by The Russian Mafia continue to rise, giving society a bad impression of Russia.And in France, where prostitution is legal.The influx of Russian “ladies” has caused business for local prostitutes to plummet.All sorts of people in French society have suffered more or less from the influx of Russian nouveau riche and gangsters.As a result, the good impression of Russians has gradually disappeared in French society in recent years.In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, the French, who call themselves liberal and democratic, have become even more critical of Russia’s assertive behavior.In fact, this discontent began to emerge in France during Stalin’s time because of the centralization of Soviet society.This is caused by the different values between the two countries on different development paths in modern times.This inevitable clash of values will not seriously affect diplomatic relations between the two countries, but it will reduce some of the brownie points among ordinary people.For all these reasons, French society in recent years has developed some unfavorable opinions about the general impression of Russia.Such public opinion will inevitably lead to discrimination and groundless accusations.A recent question by a French journalist on Russian President Vladimir Putin felt like this.The reporter asked Putin if Russia would go to war with NATO.For Mr. Putin, who only days earlier had declared that he did not want war with NATO, the question was clearly exasperating.So Mr Putin’s answer sounded both resigned and angry.It is the formation of this kind of folk stereotype, no reason and difficult to eliminate, annoying extremely!2022.2.7, Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a joint press conference reference [1] Zhao Yongsheng.The French have mixed feelings about Russia.Economy, 2018 (8) : 82-83.