On the first day after the festival, most of China’s sunny and warming cold air “interspersed” affecting north and northeast China

2022-06-03 0 By

Today is the first day of work after the Qingming Festival holiday, most parts of China will remain sunny and warm weather pattern, but in northeast and north China, due to the cold air will face a short drop in temperature, the temperature will rebound on Friday, temperature ups and downs, the public should wear clothes in time to prevent cold.Central and eastern Parts of China continued to warm up yesterday, with temperatures in many parts of North China hitting new highs this year.At the same time, the impact of a cold air began to emerge, the northern northeast, the western Part of Inner Mongolia appeared to cool down.Recently, shandong Weihai warm foot, cherry blossom in full bloom.It is expected that the cold air will continue to affect the first day of work after the Holiday. Not only northeast China, but also many parts of North China will join the ranks of cooling, such as Beijing, Tianjin, the highest temperature will drop below 15 degrees Celsius.But tomorrow, the cold air will end, the temperature in the above areas rebound again, around the weekend, Xi ‘an, Taiyuan and other places may face the first 30℃+, through the summer.As the cold air will not move southward, the temperature in most parts of south China will fluctuate slightly and rise steadily from today to this weekend.Around the weekend, most areas in gangnam will also see temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius.Although the temperature in central and eastern China is unusually warm, many places will experience the advanced version of summer, but the real summer has not yet arrived, the temperature is still up and down, and the temperature difference between day and night in the next few days is large, northwest, North China and jiangnan many places can reach more than 15 degrees Celsius, early going and late returning also need to pay attention to keep warm.Range precipitation in China today will need to be vigilant in southwest geological disasters in precipitation, today, in most parts of our country is given priority to with sunny or cloudy, precipitation is still concentrated in the southwest, southeast of Tibet, south of shandong, northern anhui, northern jiangsu, he ethnoniedicinal in eastern and southern parts, western yunnan, guizhou and other places have a light rain,Moderate rain hit parts of southern Xizang, northern Anhui, northern Jiangsu and central and western Yunnan.It should be noted that from afternoon to night, the rain in southern and eastern Shandong, northeastern Anhui and northern Jiangsu will be accompanied by strong convective weather. Some areas will have thunderstorms or hail of magnitude 8 to 10, and the local maximum wind may reach magnitude 11.Starting tomorrow, the rainfall in southwest China will also weaken and decrease, but due to the recent continuous precipitation here, the local still need to prevent geological disasters caused by precipitation.In addition, there will be strong winds in north and northeast China today and tomorrow. The weather will be dry. The public should pay attention to fire safety.