Man found in mud after leaving home for 3 days

2022-06-03 0 By

Recently, a man due to conflict with his family, a fit of anger unexpectedly ran away from home, as a result, he lost his way, trapped in the wild mountains of the cave, thanks to the police “mountain search” to rescue it.14 PM on March 22, provincial forest level police patrol squadron police in the area of pedestrian street level forestry bureau to carry out the daily patrol, suddenly saw a woman in a panic coming to here, said the woman turned her husband ran away from home has three days, people are now missing, always a call through at that time, very not easy on her husband,He said he was disoriented and trapped in a cave.The police repeatedly contacted the man, finally connected to the signal, the trapped man said he had physical exhaustion, currently unable to walk, and can not say that they are in the exact position.The situation is critical, the police took the lost man’s travel track monitoring, speculated that it may be trapped in the abandoned cave in the south.Immediately, the squadron sent more police reinforcements, together to the scene of rescue.Police along the mountain road to the mouth of the cave, found the man huddled in the cave, identified by family members of the missing man.At that time, the man’s face dirt, dirty body, depressed, and unable to stand up, police immediately helped him out of the cave.The whole rescue process lasted for more than one hour due to the muddy road and the man’s physical fatigue. Finally, the police took the way of supporting and carrying him safely to his home.After learning that the man had conflicts with his family, depression after the choice to run away from home, the results unknowingly went to the mountains lost, did not eat or drink people can not live, thanks to timely police rescue, the man’s body is not serious.